10 Uses for Lemon Oil

10 Uses for Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is by far one of my most used oils and one of my absolute favorites! This oil just can’t steer me wrong when it comes to health AND cleaning. Plus, I freaking adore citrus oils and their sweet scent so I kinda have a crush on lemon!

Below I will share 10 super easy ways to use your bottle of Lemon oil!

  1. Clean with it! We love cleaning with lemon oil! Either add it to your mop bucket, your homemade cleaning solution, or use it when making a baking soda paste. It’s a natural degreaser and even can help remove stains.

  2. Soak your produce. Soak your produce in lemon oil for a few minutes to help cleanse it, BUT if you actually leave the produce sit there for 5-10 minutes, your produce will have a tangy lemon flavor that is SO good. Works best with berries and grapes!

  3. Remove stickers and residue. How many times have you removed a price tag or sticker just to have left over residue there that takes forever to remove? Place a few drops of lemon oil onto the residue and watch it wipe away effortlessly! Think of it as a natural replacement for Goo Gone.

  4. Boost the immune system. Lemon is a great oil to add to your immune rollers and diffuser since it is high in D-Limonene. We have an immune roller of Thieves, Lemon and Frankincense for our kiddos. It’s also a wonderful oil to diffuse with cleansing oils like Thieves and purification.

  5. Add it to your diffuser! Adding citrus oils like lemon, orange or lime to the diffuser with other oils makes things so much more dreamy. I’m a citrus girl through and through! If I am not a fan of another oil, I will pair it with lemon oil in the diffuser and then it becomes much more pleasant!

  6. Drink up, buttercup! I add 1-2 drops lemon oil to my water first thing in the morning to wake up my metabolism and digestive enzymes. By doing this I have become more regular and tend to deal with less bloat. It’s a wonderful way to gently and naturally cleanse the body some and wake it up to process your food!

  7. Smell lemon, be happy! Citrus oils are happy, uplifting oils so use it in emotional blends or diffuser recipes. Add it to other favorites like Joy or Ylang Ylang. I personally love to add it to peppermint in the evenings as a good wake me up diffuser blend!

  8. Ease chest congestion. If dealing with lots of chest congestion, add lemon oil to your homemade chest rub (raven, rc, lemon, etc…). This is a great tool to help break up the mucus going on in there.

  9. A baker’s secret! Oh how I LOVE baking with lemon! Add it to banana bread recipes, blueberry muffins, chocolate chip muffins, cookies and more. Just add around 4 drops in the batter and you’ll taste subtle hints of lemon. This is a great recipe here!

  10. Add it to your stain stick! Make a small roll on bottle of Thieves cleaner, or Thieves laundry soap and add lemon oil to it. Carry it around with you to spot treat stains as soon as they happen! Look for a recipe coming soon!

What are some of your favorite ways to use this powerful little oil?? Curious about beginning a journey with essential oils and wanting to be a part of our thriving community? Then check us out here!