Moms, God's Grace is Sufficient

Photo by Cayle Gray Photography

Photo by Cayle Gray Photography

If there is one thing that I have learned I need as a mother, then it’s definitely that I need my homeboy Jesus. If Jesus isn’t your jam then I hope we can still be friends and that you can continue on reading just to hear me out, and if Jesus is your jam then let’s go all in here.

Motherhood is the best. It’s the most wonderful journey and the most beautiful life imaginable.

There’s nothing in this earthly world that could ever be more beautiful than being the mother to my three children.

But no matter how beautiful we all feel as mothers and no matter how much we love those little humans, we can all say that at one point or another (or many, many points) that we feel defeated, challenged, exhausted and just plain lost. We’re weak in some moments, torn apart in others and surrendering on some days. Granted these days aren’t every day, but there are times and periods of motherhood, days sometimes weeks, where we are met with motherhood by the horns.

We’re rammed to our core as we hurl over and admit we don’t have all the answers.

Within the squares of social media, or the scrolls of newsfeeds, we’re met with everything that everyone is doing better. We’re met with the things we’re personally lacking on, we’re reminded of the dinner we didn’t cook and we’re shown that somehow, someway other mothers have clean homes. How on earth is this physically possible?

But it’s not just social media. No. Social media isn’t the only thing that can sometimes suck out the joy of motherhood, but it’s also the very same people that make motherhood so dang beautiful. Our children, so full of emotions and learning to communicate, try us and try us over and over again. They’re developing and not sleeping through the night and they’re unable to fully explain to us what’s wrong. Little bodies are demanding us all at once and we’re met with tantrums, food thrown on the floor, laundry piled up and children fighting and screaming at one another. We look around and if we had a little white flag we would be waving it in defeat. We’re desperately waiting for dad’s arrival home from work or we’re just hoping to escape to the bathroom for five minutes so we can just hear ourselves think. Sometime it’s almost like we’re being stretched so thin by all of the demands and people needing us that we think we’ll just break.

We look around and we admit defeat. We see our faults. We see our shortcomings, our short tempers and our over reactions. We also feel our heart yearning to know just how to react. We question ourselves and sometimes the tears flow as we feel we simply aren’t cut out to handle this.

“Why on earth did God bless me with this role when I’m failing him,” we wonder.

But here’s where Jesus comes in. He comes in with love and compassion, but he comes in with GRACE too.

In 2 Corinthians 12:9 we read that, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Moms, this is huge. Grace is one of my favorite words when it comes to motherhood and you can read more about that over at “The Secret to Motherhood.” But you guys, we have God’s grace. We have his love and compassion and we have his GRACE.

His power is made perfect within weakness and yes, how true that is!

I now know that my days are lost and even more frazzled when He’s not a focal point. His power is perfect in my weakness and boy, as a mother am I weak sometimes. I’m crumbled to the core some days and His grace and love and compassion can lift me up as I remind myself that He is there for me. He is there to help guide me, love me, answer me and provide a rock for me.

Sometimes as mothers we feel we have to be so perfect because we are so blessed to fulfill this role. God handpicked us for these little people so of course we want to please him!

But the truth is, being weak and broken makes us NEED HIM. Being raw, vulnerable and crumbled makes us rely on HIM. Questioning this world and fearing for our children each and every day makes us run to Him. His grace and love remind us that He knows how imperfect we are and yet He still loves and adores us. It’s like the anchor that we need to hold onto in the hard days. It’s the love that we need that’s deeper than any earthly love and it’s the person we don’t see lifting us up, but boy is He there doing so.

Mamas, His grace is sufficient. Your weakness allows you to NEED Him. It’s okay to need Him.

Find Him, seek him and let Him in. Talk to Him when the going gets tough because unlike your children, He listens the first time.

Hash it out to Him and release all of your broken mess as you try so desperately hard to navigate the journey of motherhood or life in general. He hears us, He sees us and He forgives us. He knows I’m trying and He knows I’m broken. His grace is enough to remind me that I have someone who has my back no matter my shortcomings and overreactions to His precious children. Heck hopefully he’s dishing out some grace too when I make dinner too salty or over cook the chicken.

His grace is sufficient y’all. Remind yourself of it. Stick it on a sticky note or write it on your forehead. Whatever you do, just don’t forget it.

Motherhood and God's Grace
God's Grace is Sufficient