Life With Three (So Far)

I've already started receiving questions from readers and followers about the transition to life with three children and while it's only been a month really, I decided to write a small post on it as well as sharing glimpses of our family. 

So life with three children...all under the age of four...ahhhh. 

Let's see, where do I start...

I will start with a very common thing that I have heard from other mothers. Two was a much harder transition than three. Period. 

I know it seems bizarre that two would be harder than three, but it was. I remember the weekend we returned home from the hospital with my second, I sat on the verge of tears what felt like for forever. Tears because I felt anxiety about my husband going back to work on Monday, tears because I just knew I couldn't do this and tears because of feelings I felt in regards to expanding my heart (which you can read more of here). 

Two was hard for awhile. I called my mom crying many days and she'd come over and help us. I felt like there wasn't enough of me to go around and I felt like I'd NEVER find a routine and get the hang of it.


Well I am here to tell you that with three, it's easier. In fact had it not been for one bad week of toddler bed transitions for my middle child, I may have never cried this whole postpartum period. In fact, there wouldn't have really been "hard" days had it not been for her fighting me daily at nap time (FYI do NOT do any major transitions after a baby arrives). 

While yes I knew life was about to get crazy and chaotic, I never had that overwhelming feeling that I "couldn't do it." I knew I could. I knew I would eventually find a routine and get things together. I knew I would eventually sleep again. And while we aren't really there yet, I still know we will be one day. I know now that the hard days come few and far eventually and then you're left with nothing but amazing, joyful days. Then the hard days are just a distant memory and you go around telling everyone to have all the babies because it's a "piece of cake." Okay, maybe I exaggerated there. 

I'll also add that what it truly takes is support. Having a supportive partner who is hands on and willing to take your older kids out and about or someone who does their baths and dinners, is such a help. My husband has been amazing, along with my parents truly stepping in when needed. Lastly, you need oils and prayers.

Pray to be a good mother with patience, understanding, laughter and rest. Pray to take in the moments and not the hardships.

And oils... I just can't say enough about how much my essential oils have helped me through this postpartum period. They have kept many mothers from turning to medication, or weaning off of it, and while I've never needed medication - it sure helps to keep me in check! To read more on that from me, check this post out

I try my best each day to wake up positive and ready to go. I try my hardest to smother ALL of my babies with kisses and cuddles. I try to give as much one on one attention to them all (especially the older two now because obviously the baby gets a lot of me) - you can only do so much. One person can only do so much and you just have to know that you're doing your best, mamas. 

Newborn Photos

So if you're one of those people sitting on the brink of making a decision to have a third baby, then I'm hear to tell you to GO FOR IT. Why not, right? Life is already crazy with two, three is just adding a little extra crazy but a whole lot of LOVE. Yes there will be moments where every child is crying for you or where that sweet, little baby needs to be fed but you are tied up with a toddler sitting on the potty. And yes, your little ones may act differently and slightly disobediently just for extra attention because their whole life just changed in the blink of an eye - but it gets better. Just remember that you will get there. One day these moments will be just a faint memory. It won't be easy and I can't promise you won't cry, but you will get there. 

It's just a season of crazy and a forever of amazing. That's all I have for you six weeks into this, perhaps in a few more weeks we can chat again about life as a family of five. ;) 

What are you tips for adjusting to a new baby?