20 Practical Mother's Day Gifts (for the Crazy Mom)

1. The small chance that we may be able to use the bathroom by ourselves while scrolling through Instagram in peace without having someone trying to sit in our lap or eating the toilet paper. 

2. The very rare opportunity to have twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep (uninterrupted sleep does not mean that we hear the baby crying in the next room for twenty minutes). 

3. A basket of our favorite chocolates, cookies, cakes and wine with a note that says, "Your post baby body is beautiful no matter what size it is, enjoy."

4. Perky boobs (but not fake ones because um, I mean we still have to nurse with them). 

5. A day of having breakfast, lunch and dinner fixed for us and all the little rugrats, complete with full kitchen cleanup after. In other words, we don't want to lift a finger. 

6. For someone to magically do all of the laundry (this includes folding and putting it away) OR for a hamper big enough to hide it all. 

7. For a self mopping and vacuuming robot. I mean, they make them, so why we don't have one yet is mind boggling. 

8. The ability to get all dressed up to go somewhere complete with a hot shower, painted nails and brushed hair all done without having little ankle biters, toilet paper eaters and bathroom cabinet diggers around. 

9. Money for us to buy new clothes with strict orders not to buy the kids anything. Because if you just give us money, chances are that the little shits will get more than we do. 

10. A fancy dinner complete with wine and chocolate covered strawberries and the note from #3; and of course #8 has to happen beforehand as well, otherwise there will be NO fancy dinner. 

11. A solo trip to Starbucks where we can read for hours. Or scroll through our phone...same shit. 

12. A whole day to chillax on the sofa indulging in Lifetime movies (or The Kardashians) while pigging out on the basket from number 3. Oh and you have to find someone to watch the kids please. 

13. A car key hook and cell phone nook. Because #mombrain.

14. A mute button for excessive whining (okay that's just a dream). Ear plugs are fine. 

15. A trip to the salon to cut and style our hair without being questioned when it takes allll day (because chances are we hid somewhere to either nap or er, chill at Starbucks).

16. A new car because baby gear, strollers, car seats and the like take up more space than we dreamed. Soooooo yea...

17. A night to hang with the girlfriends, but make sure you plan it with their husbands too because otherwise, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Trying to plan a girl's night when we all have kids is like trying to shovel snow during a snowstorm. 

18. A solo trip to Target. The Target in the next city that's an hour away. 

19.  A relaxing spa day...nah, what I am saying. Just give us those twelve hours of sleep please and we will LOOK and FEEL like we had a freaking spa day. 

20. A card...from you...and a craft from the kids. Because even if the baby is one, you better look like sticking her hand on something for me to keep. 

Okay, so obviously we really love our kids and our role as Mom. It's the best damn job ever and we don't take a day for granted. One day we know we will truly miss the chaos, the messy mornings and the middle of the night cuddles. There is no denying that those moments are so special and sacred. 

But to get real, many of us could use a small "breather" for ourselves every now and then. Motherhood isn't easy and having many little humans running around to take care of takes a lot from us. We love unconditionally and mother as best as we can daily. 

If you are stumped on what to get your baby mama for Mother's Day, these ideas will recharge her, revive her and beat out any dozen of roses around. So save your money and get her a real gift that she will love (and needs)!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mamas around! It's right around the corner and we hope you get a wonderful day spent with those you love or spent alone to recharge! 

You deserve your special day! 

Thanks for all you do Mamas!