Cloth Diaper Gifts for the Cloth Diapering Family

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Ever had a shower or baby present to buy for a cloth diapering mama and you had NO clue what to get her? For people who are unfamiliar with cloth diapers, purchasing a cloth diaper gift can be very overwhelming and you may worry if your gift will be loved. 

Sure there are many different things you can get a new mama, such as clothes or wash, but let's face it -- babies NEED diapers. It's what they go through the most. So today I have put together a handy list of cloth diaper items for you to get a new mama without having to worry about whether or not you purchased the brand diaper she likes or wants. I'll also give a description of these items so you'll know just how your gift will be used!

1. A wet bag. This is something that us cloth diaper mamas can't have enough of because we keep them everywhere and sometimes they are dirty, so we need backups! Wet bags transport our dirty diaper laundry when we are out and about. You really can't go wrong with wet bags. Sometimes they have two compartments for wet/dry items and those are well loved, but any wet bag will be very appreciated! 

2. A wet/dry diaper clutch. These are made for ALL mamas (cloth or not) who need a cute bag that is stylish and practical for quick errands or to go into restaurants and so forth. This bag has a waterproof lining so technically a dirty diaper can be placed in it and it has two pouches to separate things. They are machine washable and come in such stylish prints. I LOVE these and recommend that each mama has one! 

3. Biodegradable liners. These are great and something that most cloth mamas use and love. Basically this is a liner to place between baby's bum and diaper to "catch" the poop, making cleanup a breeze. Mama just peels of the liner with the poop on it and flushes it all! Makes clean up easy and is very practical for public outings in cloth. 

4. A Hanging Pail. These are kind of like wet bags in the sense that you need more than just one! A hanging pail stores 2-3 days worth of dirty laundry and then can be thrown into the washer with the dirty diapers. It's great to have a few on hand!

5. Soakers. Soakers and boosters are great to have on hand for heavy wetters or nighttime diapering. Sometimes mamas have to try a few different types of soakers to see what works at night, so having some variety can be great! 

6. Baby Legs. These are pretty self explanatory! Cloth diaper mamas rarely put pants or shorts on their baby at home, so baby legs are great! 

7. Cloth safe rash cream. Not every rash cream out there is safe, particularly zinc based creams. Typically any natural one sold at a cloth diaper store is all you need! 

8. Haversacks. These diaper bags are adorable for any mama, but they are designed with compartments that are the perfect size for cloth diapers! And they come complete with a changing pad!

There are so many possibilities for cloth diaper gifts as you can see. We also carry cute cloth diaper themed onesies in our store that mamas would love. Don't ever be afraid to purchase a cloth diapering present when all of these accessories are well loved and used by all. And don't be afraid to throw in a good, top quality diaper for a new mama to try. All mamas love new things! 

All of these items are available in our store online with FREE shipping on all orders, all the time!