Tips for Dressing the Bump

When I first got pregnant, I could NOT wait to have a cute little baby bump to dress up. I felt like it took forever for my bump to even be noticeable, but once it was, it was my best accessory! Today I'm going to share my best tips for dressing that big (or small) beautiful baby bump.

Tips for Dressing the Bump


  • Go for fitted. When I first got pregnant I bought some loose tops to be able to fit in as my belly grew, but I ended up feeling so uncomfortable in them. Not uncomfortable comfort wise, but I just thought that I looked fat instead of pregnant. No one could see that my belly was a baby bump, so I felt like people just would think I was gaining weight. Show off that belly, and wear fitted tops and dresses.
Swing dress
Swing Dress


  • Swing dresses. These are great because you can wear them pre-pregnancy, during, and postpartum (well unless you're nursing, which will be a whole other post ;). They hide the awkward tiny bump in the beginning and are still flattering on a rather large bump near the end. And the best benefit? Comfy! So so comfy and easy to throw on. I got my swing dresses from Old Navy, but I've been seeing them all over lately. 


  • Buy basics to layer and accessorize. You're working with a very limited wardrobe when you're pregnant, so you'll need to be smart with what maternity items you buy (especially because they aren't cheap either). It's good to have a white tee, a black tee, jeans, black plants, and a dress to be able to wear all different ways. I was pregnant through the fall so I would wear the same basic outfit, but make them look different by changing up my cardigans and scarves. 
Maxi Dress


  • Maxi dresses and skirts. Like the swing dresses, they're perfect and flattering for during and after pregnancy. They make maternity maxi dresses, but really you can just buy normal, non-maternity ones with an empire waist. And for maxi skirts you can just wear non-maternity and wear it under the belly.  
Pregnancy Leggins


  • Take advantage of leggings as pants. I will be the first to admit that leggings are NOT pants. The exception is when you're pregnant! There comes a point when even your maternity pants will no longer fit, so you will probably have to resort to leggings. The good thing is that most maternity tops are super long so they'll cover your goodies and maybe some of your booty. This tee from Target's Liz Lange was perfect for that.
Pregnancy Fashion

Lastly, embrace the bump! 

Pregnancy Maxi Skirt

The bump is your best accessory! Show it off and be proud of it. Don't try to hide it (because sooner or later you won't be able to)!