Take a Walk on the Cloth Side

Cloth diapers

Cloth diapers were never, ever on my list of mommy must haves. I didn't register for them; I didn't really know about them and I surely never dreamed I would one day use them and sell them as well. 

Not everyone just automatically says, "Hey I think I will cloth diaper." Most moms realize either before or after baby is born that disposables cost quite a bit of money. Families start to realize that with more than one child or with hopes of having many children, the cost of disposables will add up greatly over time. Some families simply can not afford disposables while others just prefer to save some money where they can. 

Other moms, like myself, start to notice those piled up disposables and begin to think that there is NO way they are good for our environment. The research I found showed me that not only are they horrible for the environment, but they are horrible because of the chemicals within them as well, making them kinda bad for baby. 

We think of baby products as being the safest products around because surely no one is going to make a product that can harm such a sweet, beautiful little baby. But just as we have seen with Johnson and Johnson's or with Pampers Stay Dry, we know that unfortunately not all baby products are genuinely safe. In fact, most often the "popular" and easily accessible ones are the least safest of all. Recalls are often made or research comes out against the big name brand giants for using ingredients that are horrible for anyone, let alone such a small person. Ingredients that are banned in other countries can easily be found in USA products geared for children. 

Now, don't get me wrong here...if you use these products, such as Johnson's or disposables, it doesn't meaning you are intentionally harming your baby nor does it make you any less of a mother; that's not the point. Some of us just don't know the facts and some of us know but don't put a lot of care into the facts because they seem like they are "not that big of a deal," and that is totally okay too. To each their own; we can only do our best and what works best for us. 

However if you're considering cloth diapers, our graphic shows you just a FEW of the important facts surrounding disposables. So not only are cloth diapers cute and trendy, but they are incredibly helpful in many aspects of it all. Whether you're looking to save money, save the planet or protect your little one's precious skin...cloth is your answer!

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