Squash Mix Baby Food!

Squash Baby Food

In our house, butternut squash is baby's first real food. It has always worked well for us because it has a sweetness that can be similar to the sweetness of breast milk. The consistency also always comes out smooth and perfect for beginner eaters. Sometimes when you make baby food from scratch, the food can have a thicker and lumpier consistency if you did not steam or blend enough. With squash, you never have that issue and the puree is perfect! It's also a low allergen food, so there's very little (if any really) chance that baby would have an adverse reaction. 

We love mixing anything with squash and some of our favorites to throw in there are green veggies and/ or pears. 

Below are three favorite recipes that your baby is sure to love! It's the perfect way to mix in a lot of those veggies and fruits that baby needs. 

We typically use organic frozen butternut squash because it just makes things easier! 

Recipe 1:

Butternut Squash, One Pear and Handful of Spinach/Kale mix

Baby Food


Recipe 2:

Butternut Squash, One Pear and Handful of frozen green beans

Homemade Baby Food

Recipe 3: Butternut Squash with Handful of fresh or frozen Blueberries (you can add pears too if you wish)

P.S. We love storing in those mini mason jars! We hate plastic (but we do have a few containers) and much prefer the safer GLASS. Microwave baby's food without nasty toxins getting in there. Choose glass! 

When it comes to making baby food, don't worry about measurements and how much you should have. Stick to a base, butternut squash in this case, and have more of that item than the rest. From there add in your 1-2 other items. You can also do three equal servings of each item in the recipe. It's completely about what you want (or okay, more like what you have on hand). 

Thanks for reading! Happy baby food making!