Moments of Being Mommy

On being a mother, the moments of being mommy

Some days motherhood is downright exhausting. A toddler who is two going on ten can be a handful; and the growing bundle inside of you is wiping out your energy faster than the Energizer Bunny can. Some days there are just no pit stops to put your feet up or to indulge in twenty minutes of "me time." Heck, most days you're not even sure if you drank the recommended amount of water and if you even peed when you had too. Laundry piles up, dinner needs to be cooked and suddenly you're just ready for bedtime already.

However throughout those moments of pure exhaustion, chaos and limited patience, you have those moments of being mommy. You have the moments where your toddler who was just previously testing your patience decides to randomly hug you and lay a big wet one on you. And you have moments where all of a sudden your mommy body has caught a second wind and has a burst of fresh energy that you break out all of the art supplies and decide that baking cookies sounds grand too. You have moments of pure and wonderful mommyness that fades away all of the exhaustion and chaos.

It's moments where you're strolling your little one in their beloved red wagon after a fun morning at the park, with the sun beaming down and the spring breeze blowing that you realize just how precious motherhood is. Time has flown by and that small, little baby that you once nuzzled on your chest is now laying back in that red wagon taking in the sunshine, talking to the chickens and pointing to the trees. It's that moment of realizing that the little being you brought into this world is growing up before your eyes and becoming more and more independent each day (no matter how hard you try to fight it). Time is slipping away and you hope to remember that exact moment.

It's the moments of being mommy where you just want to stop and freeze time and thank God for his blessings. You want to relish in the sunshine and dance in the flowers as you grasp the sweetest, chubbiest little hand and hear infectious laughter that makes your heart skip a beat. It's the cheesy grin from the little being you've raised thus far that makes each and every second worth it. It's the moments of their exploration and curiosity that you realize just how much you've already taught them. It's the moment of being mommy that you realize you're rocking this whole motherhood thing more than you often think.

It's that special moment where you just want to hop in that little red wagon and take in the sunshine while receiving the warmest cuddles in the world. A moment of taking in the scents of the sweetest smell of baby detergent and cookies and taking in each and every "Mama" that you hear.

It's that moment where it doesn't really matter what you fed them for lunch or how much Mickey Mouse they may have watched that morning. It's the moment of throwing the idea of perfection out of the window and grasping your role with every ounce of love you can; while stripping away the labels, the rules and the recommendations. It's the moment of being mommy to your little being in the best way that you know how to.

It's the moments of being mommy that you realize just how important being a mother is. It's the most important thing you'll ever do; the most exhausting job you'll ever have; and it's the most precious days of your lie.

There is no other thing that I'd rather be, than just being mommy.