12 Father-Daughter Moments That Melt a Mother's Heart

  1. That moment that he says she can never date. Or get married.
  2. That moment that he decides she can indeed date one day, but comments that he'll show her how a man should treat her. In other words, pick a guy like daddy. 
  3. The fact that for family pictures he insists on holding her. There's no trophy wife here, just a beautiful baby that has his pride. 
  4. The moment she hugs him in a tight embrace and you see his whole body melt and his eyes close. It's like his little piece of heaven. 
  5. The moment he walks through the door after a long day of work. Enough said. 
  6. The fact that he magically whips up the cutest nickname for her since birth, one that he didn't even have pre-planned. 
  7. When he knows what Chevron means in relation to clothes, bows and more. Score for dad. 
  8. When he chooses a bow for an outfit that he put together. The clothes may not always match 100% but he added the bow so it sealed the deal. And stole my heart. 
  9. The sight of them walking off in the distance holding hands. 
  10. The way she squeals "Daddy" each and every time she says it. It's because of him that she squeals. 
  11. The kisses he tries to steal as often as possible, the "I love yous" that are said at least once an hour and the "you're so beautifuls" that are said on the daily. He's completely smitten. 
  12. And lastly, the laughter from such an angelic little person who loves her father endlessly and is just as smitten with him as he is with her. 

Thank you to the amazing man I married for the smiles, laughter and moments with our beautiful daughter.