Teaching Toddler: Grab the Pom Pom Fine Motor Skills Activity

Learning is knowledge. 

Knowledge is power. 

Okay so really with a toddler you're not teaching them the great facts of the world, but you 


teaching them the basic fundamentals that they need. You're teaching them how to understand this world, how to understand simple tasks and so much more (the list goes on and on for what we teach them). 

I've decided that *roughly* once a day I'd like to have some sort of activity planned for my Little Bug. I guess we'll call it toddler preschool. There are endless ideas and projects to do at home with your children and thanks to the world of Pinterest, we can find these ideas right at our fingertips. 

For this activity I was pushing the "what she can do factor" by using a clothes pin. I, as well as my husband who saw me setting up, was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to use the clothes pin properly. So if your child is young like mine, feel free to nix the clothes pin and just use those cute, chubby fingers instead. In the end my Little Bug actually


tried to use the clothes pin and was eventually smart enough to turn it upside down and let the bigger end of the clothes pin pick up the bigger poms poms. Smarty pants. :)

The whole purpose of this activity is for them to take all of the pom poms out and place them in a separate container. You can then have them place all of the pom poms back into the container (and of course always talking about colors while doing so). There are endless ideas of things to do with these nifty little pom poms and I can't wait to use them for many more activities. 

Learning is fun. It's also a great way to keep a busy toddler entertained, as this kept her occupied for quite some time. We don't need to wait until our children are in the classrooms of others. We can make our own classroom and be the best damn teacher they've ever had. 

Being a parent, is being a teacher.

What are some activities that you like to do with your toddler?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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