Summer, Motherhood and Raindrops

Summer has been amazing so far. We've had splash park trips, lots of play time outside, beach trips and many days in our little pool. Although we have battled a rough month the last month due to teething and a mental leap, we are now seeing the light and finally getting a good night of sleep and finally having a baby who isn't always crying. Motherhood sure is a roller-coaster sometimes, and sometimes you sure


feel like screaming and crying right along with your child. Sometimes you just want to fall asleep in that little blow up pool of theirs while sipping on a fruity drink.

But that is totally not realistic...

Then on the other hand, motherhood means always wanting to kiss and cuddle that little love bug of yours no matter how off their rocker they may be that day. Being the caretaker of a human being who is incapable of telling you what is wrong can be a heck of a job. But I've decided that it is the reason why we are mothers. Mothers are the ones who have the patience, the answers, and the ability to make things all better. Sure daddy and grandma can too, but let's face it; sometimes your little one just wants you. And that's alright,

right? (you know you secretly like when that happens)

It's amazing to watch how fast these little people grow. One day they are saying only a few words and the next day they are telling you all about their toys (in baby talk of course). One day they are on baby food and the next day they are feeding themselves spaghetti (and that means making a gigantic mess). Watching these little people learn about the world and accomplish even the smallest milestone, such as putting together a four piece puzzle, is the best job in the world. There is nothing,

nothing I repeat

, that can top motherhood. 

While we may sometimes question our ability as a mother and whether or not we're even doing a good job, at the end of the day I think we can all say we are doing the best we can. Watching them achieve that simple task of completing a four piece puzzle reassures you that you've done something right by practicing with them. Having them grab the spoon to feed themselves shows you that you've set the example of how to be a "big kid." And having a child run off to play with kiddos they've never met before shows you that you've given them the tools to feel independent and secure. 

Something as simple as watching your child feel the raindrops on her hands or watching her color like a big kid is enough to make all of the exhausting moments worth it. For every tear or tantrum, there are a 100 more smiles, cuddles and kisses.

And for every growing baby enjoying the summer sunshine, there is a mother, a father, or whoever, smiling brighter than that sun. 

How has your summer been so far?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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