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For many people, school is now in session and their kiddos are off to the daily grind of school work, recess and yucky  cafeteria lunches. For some parents, sending their children off to school brings about a few fears. There are fears of how your child will do, if they will eat properly and if they will catch any and everything that goes around, including the ever so dreaded head lice.

Head lice has been around as long as I can remember. In my twenty something years, I know that even back in my elementary school days the teachers went around with pencils checking students' heads for lice. I feared being one to get sent home, yet I love when they played with my hair (gross now when I think about that). One of the things I remember discussing and still occasionally see people discuss is about ways to prevent head lice. Back in our days we were told to not wash our hair every night since lice bugs loved clean hair and to use as much hairspray as we could.

Well today I am hear to share with you that there are products, natural products, out there that can help repel those stinky lice bugs away from your child's hair. ClearLice is a natural lice treatment company that produces SLS Free, Paraben Free, and pesticide free products to treat your family for lice and to help PREVENT it.

At ClearLice you can find hair shampoo and leave in conditioner that will both help repel lice bugs and prevent your child from coming home with one of the most dreaded things out there. While kids often love to get sent home from school, they really don't want to be the one with the lice.

ClearLice is a family owned company that was started by two parents who were desperate to rid their family of head lice after their two year old came home with it from preschool. A first attempt at using mainstream lice treatment products resulted in burning scalps and tears from a child who was unable to understand what was really going on. Months later and they developed a gentle, natural product that treated and ended their lice problem immediately.

While lice is scary and terrifying, so are the chemicals that are commonly used to treat it. There ARE alternatives out there. Be prepared this school year and purchase some ClearLice Repellent products to prevent the little bugs from making a home in your child's precious locks.

Keep your family, hair and children clean and safe with ClearLice!

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