Mama Made Baby Food: Peachy Bananas

Here is a super tasty meal for baby's breakfast or snack time. My Little Bug LOVES this and she is actually starting to turn down most purees as she is doing the

"independent, I'm a big girl and can feed myself"

thing, so I was surprised at how quickly she ate this up the past couple of mornings. 

For this recipe I used three yellow peaches and one banana. I steamed for 20 minutes in my Baby Brezza and then blended to get a smooth and pretty puree. Sometimes I think peaches are overlooked when choosing fruits for your baby, especially for homemade recipes. I'm sure there are many great combinations that you can cook up with peaches. I myself am not a peach person, but my daughter does enjoy them. 

I'm really hoping that I can still keep doing a few basic purees, but as I said earlier my toddler is all about finger foods lately. While that is exciting because she can feed herself like a big girl, it is such a mess to clean up! She has this habit of throwing all of the food on the floor when she is done. 

I  mean really,

who does she think she is? 

When did your baby start turning down baby food?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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