Nap Time is the Shiz Nit Because...

It is the only time you can eat lunch in peace without someone hanging on to your pajama pants.

Because you can finally get out of your pajama pants.

It means that the rerun of

The Voice

that you have been waiting to watch will finally make it's way on to your TV screen.

Why hello Adam Levine...

Because it means that for about two hours your life can be whatever you want it to be

(in the confinement of your home of course).

It means that you can dance around in your underwear and drink chocolate milk while singing old 90's hits (just not too loud of course, the person that wakes the baby gets the doghouse).

Because it means that you can read a book.

You know,

the same book that you've been trying to finish for the last six months.

Yea, that one. 

It means that you can take a nap. Me?



Because it means that your bubble bath can feel like a two hour mini vacation. Of course we all know that usually the second you sit in it...cue the



It means that you can actually wash your hair.

Hmmm, when was the last time I washed it? Maybe I'll even do something cute with it today. Ha, who am I kidding...

Because it means that you can indulge in Oreos and milk without any little eyes staring at you like either A) you're a fat ass or B) you're mean for not sharing.

Kid, Oreos are bad for you! 

It means you can sit on your front porch and enjoy the birds chirping while you drink tea.

Okay admit it're also checking your Facebook feed and shopping on Zulily.

Because it means that a root beer float deserves an umbrella in it.

Yea, things are getting real. 

It means you can paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows and shave your legs.


it's like a mini freaking spa day!

And finally, because you can have some alone time with your husband.

Yea that's right,

lookout bed...things are about to get



ahhhh I'm sleepy


Nap time it is.

Okay really

, who the heck are we kidding? Everyone knows nap time is for you to finish housework, get blog posts up, mop the floors, cook dinner, finish birthday party Pinterest worthy crafts and of course, to take a five minute shower where you hopefully remember to wash your hair.

For real though,

nap time is a beautiful thing.

Yet somehow by the time the little boogers wake up and we pick them up and smother them with kisses, we realize that we actually kinda missed them.

Tricky little fellas aren't they?

Can you relate to the beauty of nap time?

Thanks so much for reading, Sasha

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