Little Bug: 10 Months

Dear Little Bug, 

Yet again mama is late in actually sitting down and posting this. 
Luckily, mama has a pretty sharp memory. 
You are so much fun lately and such a joy to watch. 
Daddy and I could watch you all day. 
From the faces you make to the random screaming that you think is hilarious, 
you're quite the little entertainer. Sometimes we can hardly keep up with you
and we often now find you playing with yucky things like shoes, dog collars and more. 
It sure is fun watching you discover the world and grow. 
Weight: 19lbs 13oz
Length: 29 inches
Clothing Size: Rocking our 12 month spring/summer wardrobe
and still wearing some 9 month and even a few 6-12 mth pieces
Loves: Books, blocks, bath time, story time, outside, Hunter, giving kisses, 
playing with Charlie and Ellie and playing with things that you're not supposed to. 
You love when daddy comes home from work and you love watching Ayden, you always
want to give him hugs and kisses. You also really love to look out of the windows. 
What You're Up to: Walking, exploring, discovering! 
You also clap with a big smile when I tell you "No."
This makes it very hard on Mama ;)

Words: Mainly just Mama and Dada
Teeth: Four teeth on top and two on bottom
Likes: You seem to really like music and dancing. If "The Voice" or "Dancing With the Stars"
are on, you like to watch and clap when the people on TV clap. That reminds me, you love clapping! You like to occasionally pretend like you're reading to yourself and you like playing
with your stacking cups still. You like to go shopping with mama and you really like being strolled around outside or in the mall. As for food, you seem to like honeydew melon and cantaloupe a lot. 

Dislikes: You don't really dislike a whole lot of stuff. You still seem to have an issue
when people come over to the house. It's like you're unsure of them. 
You haven't really been crazy about food this past month and often times still 
hate diaper changes. 

Food & Diapers: You nurse still when ever you want. Mainly about every 3-4 hours and you 
eat 3 meals a day. We're attempting more finger foods like shredded chicken, melons, carrots
and stuff like that, but sometimes you like it and sometimes you don't. You do enjoy muffins in the morning though! You're still in cloth diapers! 
Sleep: This past month has been progressive in terms of putting you down to sleep. 
You now put yourself down every time mama lays you in the crib. 
Occasionally mama lays you down too soon and you don't sleep, so we take you 
out and try again about 30 mins later and you go straight to sleep. 
Most nights you wake twice to eat but overall you're asleep for about 12 hours at night. 

Outings/Experiences: This month you celebrated Charlie and Ellie's first birthday!
You also went to the zoo with Charlie and Molly Kate and you went eat breakfast
at Cracker Barrel with mama and dada. We've been playing outside a lot now that it 
is warming up, and you LOVE it. You had a rough viral infection recently and even 
had congestion coming out of your eyes -- mama and dada hated seeing you sick.
And you wore your first pair of daisy dukes and jellies recently! :)

Words can never, ever describe our love for you. 
You literally bring ALL of the joy to our lives. 
We love you to the moon and back times infinity. 

Love, Mama and Dada
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