Juice for Toddlers and Sippy Cups!

Apple juice. Orange Juice. Orange Pineapple Banana Juice. 

I love 'em all. 

But I feel like I may be the minority here when I say that my almost one year old has yet to have juice. Sure she drinks from sippy cups -- but that is just water. I've yet to give her any juice, and quite honestly I'm not sure when I will. 

It is funny how being a mother makes you much more conscious of health and diet. It's funny how even though I eat pretty darn healthy, I still love my snacks and my sugar. Yet as a mother, I'm quick to restrict any sugar or "snacks" for my daughter. I get rather annoyed when she's fed too many puffs or any processed snack (even if it's made for babies) and I do my best to limit them at home. Some days my child doesn't receive any of those things. However, if you take us out to eat and she starts fussing, there's a good chance I'll pop out the puffs!

What are your thoughts on juice? Obviously if I was to give my child any juice I'd go for the 100% juice as those are so much healthier. Just because something says "Fruit Juice" does not actually mean it's nutritious and full of "fruit." For whatever reason though, I've yet to find it necessary to attempt juice. I suppose it's just my way of still trying to watch the "sugar" in her diet and it's also my way to try and prevent a sweet tooth. 

I can remember as a little kid buying the frozen cans of 100% juice and then slushing them around in a pitcher with some cans of water (three to be exact). My mom made that for us a lot and in fact, I am drinking some right now.


I know there will come a time when my daughter will realize there is more to the world than just water and milk. I know there will come a time when I'll feel like she deserves a "treat" and can have a sippy cup of some yummy juice. For now though, I just don't feel like we're there yet. She's quite content with her water and milk and doesn't know any better. Why introduce more sugar and sweetness, even if it is natural?

Well that's just me.

 We all have our own preferences and views. 

I know sometimes certain juices are used for things like constipation in toddlers and I get that. When a baby is clogged, something needs to do the trick. And I also know many mothers just do a few drops of juice mixed with water to dilute it just for a little flavor - this is a smart trick. I've actually considered just dropping a slice of apple in her sippy cup for some flavor, but once again, I don't see the need yet. I think sometimes we succumb to doing things because others do it or because we perceive it as being "the norm," without actually looking into and giving it any thought. That goes for a lot of things in life -- not just parenting decisions. 

With all of that being said, let's talk about our new favorite sippy cup. Has anyone else had a horrible time shopping for sippy cups? Trying to find the right sippy cup is like trying to find a new pair of jeans. While we have had success with the Nuk brand, my daughter still was not able to tilt the cup back to drink the water herself. 

Now, with

our new straw cup



, she has mastered drinking on her own. With this wonderful little cup, there is no need to tilt the cup back to get the water and the straw is bendable and made of silicone so there is no need to worry about it damaging your child's throat if they stick it too far back. 

Even though we've had a few leakage problems (which is the result of me not putting pieces back the right way),

we love our sippy cup

! It is spill proof and while it is plastic, it is free of BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalates. I highly recommend trying this cup for your child's sippy, especially if they are having issues with holding their own cup and getting the liquid themselves. Straw cups just seem to be the way to go if that's the case! 

Yay for baby drinking on her own.

Well, water at least. 

She still needs my boobs for the rest. 

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So mama, what's your thoughts on juice?

And what sippy cups have worked best for you?

Thanks so much to Innobaby for sending this our way! 

All opinions and reviews are honest and solely my own. 

xoxo, Sasha