Some Ideas and Tips to Help Those Looking to be a SAHM

Recently someone asked for advice on how we SAHMs can SAH. Everyone was full of helpful tips and while I realize that these tips cannot just magically make someone a SAHM, they are possibly helpful if you are considering it. These are just some things that work for us and they may work for you too...

  1. Marry a sugar daddy. Ha,I bet my baby daddy is chuckling at this (or not). Make sure you marry a man who may be on board with you being a SAHM one day and if he isn't on board, take these tips to him, while wearing a pretty lace push up bra and beg like no one's business. Okay so in actuality, just have a loving husband and have a talk about it and see if it will work for you (but you can still show these tips and you may as well push the girls up too).
  2. Budget. I can't quite say this enough and truthfully I hate saying it. Grrr. I say I hate it because when my husband started the whole budget thing (before I even quit my job) I dreaded sitting down to do it. Well dammit, it works and it is very helpful. 
  3. Use only cash. This was another one of my hubby's ideas thanks to his "bromance" with the financial guru, Dave Ramsey. We take cash out each month for groceries, spending money, birthday gifts, holidays, etc... You split the money into envelopes depending on how they are budgeted and well dammit, this works too. When your envelope that says, "Mama's play money" only has $5 left, you know you better quit shopping and get your butt home (or off of Zulily). 
  4. Mama's play money is baby's bow money. Remember those envelopes I just mentioned? Each week you and hubby can each get a set amount of "play cash." This play cash can also serve as baby's new bow cash, baby's new dress cash and baby's new $20 pair of Chucks cash. Just face it; it should really say "baby's play money."
  5. Again use cash, no credit. Credit cards can get you into so much trouble. Try and not have any or use them then immediately pay them off just to keep your credit going and looking good. Ain't no reason why a $5 hamburger should later cost you $15. Ain't no body got time for that.
  6. Use homemade cleaners. I actually started cleaning my house with vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide because of my desire to eliminate chemicals and then I realized it was saving me money. Heck yea, I don't mind if my house smells like salad dressing occasionally, mama needs new shoes. Okay, no really baby needs some new Chucks.
  7. Cook real food. Yep, that's right. Cook food in your kitchen; with real ingredients that don't always come out of a box or from a drive thru. Although I do love a good box of Shake n' Bake. 
  8. Try cloth diapers. I bet you just read this and laughed out loud at me for even mentioning this. Don't worry, I once laughed too. Now I can't have enough of those dang fluffy crap catchers. 
  9. Consider making your own baby food. Sure homemade baby food has a few added nutritional benefits, but at the end of the day that stuff just saves you money and it's a huge perk. Another bonus: ain't nobody got room for 500 baby food jars. At least this mama doesn't (thank you Pampered Chef for taking up my cabinets).
  10. Nix the cable if you have to. Girl please. I'm addicted to Dancing With the Stars and I'm so ashamed to admit this, the Kardashian shows as well (all 100 of them). But truthfully, if we were in a bind with my staying at home I would nix the cable in a heartbeat. It really isn't necessary and thank goodness for DVD players and $5 movies at Wally World. 
  11. Don't have a car note. Believe me I know this is easier said than done. But if you have a car note consider trading in your car for something that you can pay cash for. Or do like we did and save and save and save and then afford to buy one without a note or even just with a small note and a big down payment. Besides, SAHMs only drive to the grocery store and ain't nobody worried about yo rims. 
  12. Don't live above your means and save for the future. My hubby and I actually live below our means. Even though we still rent because we'll be moving soon, I often envy the cute little houses that I could call "mine." But at the end of the day, I have a (small) roof over my head. ;-) And to end with my wit: No one cares about how big your rock is or your square footage. 
 I know staying at home isn't in the cards for everyone and I also know that not every mama wants to SAHM. We all just try to do the best we can with what we have; and sometimes what we have is enough. 

Seriously, sometimes Shake n' Bake is the only thing in my cabinet and I cook that stuff like no one's business and sometimes - NO all the time - I lose all of the stuff in my Zulily shopping cart because I hate to press "confirm." And sometimes - no all the time - mama is just happy the way she is and with what she has. 

Do you have any helpful tips for being able to SAH?
P.S. I know I used the word "ain't" a lot. 
Don't judge.

Thanks for reading, Sasha
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