Mama Made Baby Food: Peaches!

So first things you like that fancy cutting board? Yes, my others were all dirty and I was too lazy to wash them. Uh hello, that's what a dishwasher is for!

So obviously this is really no recipe, but I want to share ALL possibilities of homemade baby food with you and not leave anything out. I tried peaches once before (store bought) and she liked them. I kept putting off making them because I don't eat peaches myself so I was not familiar with them. I don't really know how to buy "ripe" ones and I don't really know anything about them. Although I will say that they smell great!

This was a quick and easy recipe and I say easy because the chopping is easy and quick since peaches are so soft. Although beware: it's messy! These four peaches gave me five meals for Little Bug plus some nibbling that she did on some chunks of peach (which she wasn't a fan of). I had room in my Baby Brezza for probably two more peaches. I also took the skins off of them to eliminate the chances of pesticides and so on (these were not organic). 

And they were a winner! She loves them and it's a yummy breakfast or sweet snack to go with dinner! 

Are you a peach person?

Happy Superbowl Sunday! Ha, really just happy Sunday! Sasha

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