Foto Friday: The Cutest Reindeer I Ever Did See

Okay, seriously how cute is the first photo?
I swear that picture melts me into a big ball of mush every time I see it!

You guys get a sneak peek of her Christmas outfit early. :)
She actually wore it for Santa pictures and will wear it again on Christmas day. 
{Considering how much it cost, I wanted her to get more than just one wear}

I was going to do a dress, but when you have a crawling baby who just likes to 
eat dresses, you've got to plan things ahead. So I settled on this adorable and precious outfit. 
Hubby thinks that it is a clown outfit, but what does he know about baby fashion anyway?

Seriously, this little Diva is a doll. 
Or should I say this little doll is a Diva? 

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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