Foto Friday: Homemade Baby Food Love

Making baby food is so much fun and so healthy for our Little Bug. I know exactly what goes in it and I feel good about it. She seems to love mama's home cooking! 

This week we tried bananas again and she loved it (although these were store bought since I messed up making bananas the first time and she didn't like it). I also tried homemade pears and she loved them which is what is pictured above. Last week we made carrots and received mixed results with that. She eats them but since she doesn't love them it's a chore to get her to eat. That explains why her face is full of carrots in the second picture -- she was avoiding the spoon so much that it resulted in this. 

I also cut up an avocado and mushed it up (no pureeing necessary) and Ohhh Emmm Geee she loved it. I swear she couldn't reach the spoon fast enough. I mixed the avocado with some homemade pears and it was like the best meal she has ever eaten. 

Although that is what it seemed like. Who knows what she was thinking. 

Our list of meals so far: 
Breakfast: Bananas (we just added breakfast to the mix this week)
Lunch: Pears and a vegetable
Dinner: Vegetable  

So far our menu includes: bananas, pears, green beans, avocados, butternut squash and carrots. 

The store bought bananas we love.
I'll try homemade bananas again, but
my first attempt was too thick for her.

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Happy Friday Loves, Sasha

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