Baby Slept In CRIB {Mommy Slept on Floor Near Crib}

Well if you follow me on Twitter, you've likely noticed lately that I've mentioned that I am always so tired. The reason for my zombie like state (okay it's not really that bad) is because someone in this house keeps waking mommy up. Hmmmm...I wonder who that someone is?

About a week ago this constant waking up every 1-2 hours began and I had no idea what the cause was. After realizing that Little Bug kept wanting to eat (and after having a mini panic attack that I wasn't making enough milk) I realized that she was likely going through a growth spurt. Well here we are a week later and if growth spurts last this long then O - M - G.

With Little Bug still sleeping in our room, I was beginning to feel bad for my husband since he's the one that has to wake up and go to work. I was sure her crying was beginning to wake him too (oh and did I mention her laughing because she wanted to play at 2 am). I instantly started looking at that crib of hers, all the way across the house, and decided it was just about time. 

Honestly I didn't and still don't want it to be time for her to go into her crib. It's too dang far. However in a moment of desperation on Tuesday night (after she woke up five times in the first three hours of sleep) I put her in her crib. The problem though?? I'm spoiled to her Angel Care Monitor that detects her breathing and it wasn't in that bed (it was in the one she was supposed to be sleeping in). So this mama made a "pallet" on the floor and slept on the floor right next to the crib to check on baby girl every time she moved. 

Paranoid much? You bet. 
Slept good on the floor? Ha, no.

Night number two after an exhausting day at the mall and a birthday party, Little Bug went straight to bed in her sweet crib. This was of course after daddy lowered it, broke her bedroom light in the process, setup her monitor and then later had to vacuum glass up from said light. 

It was bittersweet to see my baby in her crib. It was sweet to see her sleeping in her own little room but so sad because I want my baby near me at all times (call me crazy). However, we got a really good night of sleep. I'm not sure if it's just the fact that the mattress is more comfy, the crib is more roomy or just the fact that she was exhausted; but we got some good sleep. 

And no, I didn't sleep on the floor. 

How old was your baby when they moved to their crib?
Did you sleep good after that?

xoxo, Sasha
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