Little Bug: Five Months

Dear my precious Little Bug, 
I can't believe it has been five whole months since you have graced us with your presence. 
Your personality is starting to show and you're getting to be even more fun each day. 
You have a silly side; a diva side and then that sweet little side that just wants mommy. 
You're growing up so fast and mommy is so happy that she gets to spend every second of every day
with you! You're our whole world Little Bug!

Weight: 15.8 lbs
Length: Unknown at the moment but assuming between 25.5-26 inches
Clothing Size: Mostly 3-6 Months and 6 Months

Loves: Your fishy bath book, Scout your new friend (green leap frog toy), 
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS, Anything Dr. Seuss, Watching Football and Dancing on TV, 
cuddling with mommy and daddy, being rocked for a nap, your glow worm, story time, 
taking baths, and playing outside. You love smiling at daddy for no reason and you love nursing for comfort too! 

What You're Up to: You're officially sitting up now! Mommy still stands close by while you play
in case you fall. I don't think you've figured out that you can play for awhile like that yet because you
usually get back down to your belly so you can move around. Speaking of moving, you're trying hard
to crawl around. You're using the "army" crawl to get things you want. 
You've also mastered "flirting" and the Diva scream when you're trying to say something.
And you're definitely teething! Oh and you are laughing out loud more which melts our hearts!
Likes: Your jumper for about 15 minutes, the swing at Gigi and Pop's, your bouncy chair, 
playing with your toys on the ground, playing peek a boo, mommy singing, and kicking your feet. 
You like to get your hands on everything now and you really like to pinch people. :)
Oh and you like for mommy to wear you while she shops! 

Dislikes:  Sitting in one place for too long (except the swing or bouncy), daddy working so much, 
the fact that your gums hurt, staying up late, staying away from mommy for too long and being 
woken up from a nap and not seeing mommy. You're also very afraid of daddy mooing like a cow 
and mommy blow drying her hair. 
Food & Diapers: Food is still the same. You nurse like 90% of the time and only take 2-3 bottles per week.
You eat every 3 hours on average although sometimes only 2 hours. 
We've officially started cloth diapers! YAY! Mommy is kicking herself in the butt for not starting sooner. 
We still have some disposables left in our monthly stock from The Honest Co. so I'd say right now we're doing cloth about 85% of the time until we use most of the Honest diapers.
You'll outgrow those soon so mommy wants to use them and not waste that money. 

Crying: Well in the last few weeks you've had more fussy spells with high pitch screaming. Mommy thought you
was just being a little diva but it turns out you were actually having stomach pains. Turns out that you have 
GERD which is just reflux basically. We started medicine yesterday and so far mommy can already
see some changes. Mommy hates that you have to keep taking medicine, but whatever helps baby!
Schedule: On average you go to sleep now around 8:30 and wake close to 2:00 to eat and them sometimes
again around 5:30. Usually we are up anytime between 7-8:15 in the morning. You take about a 30-45 min
nap at around 10:00 and then a cat nap around 2ish and then a 1-2 hour nap between 4-6. 
Mommy is wanting to get us on a good schedule! 

Sleep: Lately it has been hit and miss for us. Some nights are good and some nights are bad. 
You have been crying a lot lately when you roll to your tummy in your sleep which seems to be
a result of the reflux. We slept great last night and it was your first night on medicine. 
You still sleep next to mommy but instead you're sleeping in your pack n play since you outgrew
the bassinet. 
Outings/Experiences: You've had your first few trips to the mall after daddy finally caved
in and let me bring you. You've shopped with Gigi and I and you've also shopped with Aunt Courtney, 
Charlie, Mrs. Ashley, Gracie and Molly. You've eaten at BJ's with Gigi and also another time with
Auntie Katie and you ate at Chilis too! Mommy wears you just about everywhere but the mall was
your first "strolling" trip and you loved it. You take a bath like a big girl now -- sitting up! Unfortunately daddy
didn't keep a hand on you too well and you busted your coconut in the tub twice! Only one time resulted in tears. 
Daddy is working a ton right now and misses you so much. Sometimes mommy thinks when you're fussy in 
the evenings it's because you miss daddy. You also attended your first bridal shower and was such an angel as well as your first Sunday in church. Mommy was so proud of how good you were in church and not to mention how pretty you looked!

Little Bug you are the light of my life!
My whole little world and the apple of daddy's eye. 
There is nothing more precious than you. 
We love you more than words can describe!

xoxo, Mommy & Daddy