Lamaze Toys

So I have a confession to make: I'm a Zulily addict. The funny thing is that I have only ordered from Zulily ONE time. Yes, that's right people. I'm an addict but I have self control.

Actually what I do is find the things I love on Zulily and put them in my shopping cart. Then I get distracted and don't return back to Zulily for awhile and then those items are no longer available. Now normally this works wonders for me since it keeps me from ordering crap I don't need, but there have been times where I really did want a particular item and was annoyed that I forget to purchase it then and there.

Currently there is a sale that I WILL be taking advantage of. Lamaze toys are on Zulily today and I have to say that I just simply love these toys. I've had my eyes on these particular toys for awhile and after my parents gave Little Bug one this weekend, I knew I wanted a few more. 

While Lamaze toys by TOMY brand are not necessarily "green" or eco-friendly, they are very safe for your little one. They are made out of safe materials that are free of PVC and flame retardants and the little bit of plastic that they use (normally just in the hoop to hook the toy to things) is made from a safe plastic. They pride themselves in making safe toys for infants that are free of those nasty chemicals found in some other toys. 

Seriously though, I can't get over the adorable patterns and colors that each toy has. If I was a toy maker (because let me tell ya that's my dream job) I'd make toys that looked like these. Mix matched patterns, bold colors and hints of black and white with little crinkly sounds = perfection. They are seriously so stinking cute and they make me smile. Little Bug loves her first Lamaze toy as chewing on this bunny's ears are a pure delight for her! 

We're getting these two:

And my wish list (Gigi take note-hehehe):

What is some of your favorite baby toys?
Or should I say baby's favorite toys?
Thanks for reading, Sasha
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