12 Things I Wish I Could Do Right Now

  1. Bake a cupcake from scratch complete with fancy icing
  2. Sing -- good
  3. Cook amazing meals
  4. Grow a garden for us to have our own organic produce
  5. Live in New York, NY for about a year or so
  6. Dance in a music video
  7. Have all non-toxic toys for Little Bug
  8. Redesign my closet and wardrobe
  9. Buy a house and design it myself
  10. Go on a vacation with hubby and Little Bug
  11. Never forget each expression and sound Little Bug makes
  12. Make a difference in a big way

 kids gardening set // 
the most delicious cupcake I have ever seen

eco-friendly toys // ahhhh New York!

new house finds // love this bracelet 

I love this living room 

Just a fun post for today after I woke up and really 
wanted to bake a cupcake. Or maybe I was just craving one.
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What's 12 Things that you wish 
you could do right now?

I'm off to practice my singing, Sasha

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