Please Don't Touch My Baby

So today I had my second experience where my Little Bug was touched and "oogled" by someone I didn't know out in public. I just don't understand a person's need to touch a baby's cheeks or hands when they do not even know me or my baby. And to top things off today, the person was even pulling her pacifier out before I could stop him!

Let me back up here so you don't think I just left my baby chilling in the middle of store. As I was checking out today and paying the cashier, my Little Bug was in her car seat in the shopping cart right next to me, but with my attention on the cashier the older gentleman behind me walked up behind my back and started playing with my LB. He was touching her cheeks and trying to pull her pacifier out and I was just simply so shocked and disgusted when I saw this that I hurry and got my receipt and got the heck up out of there. 
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Granted I know that older people just come from a time where this was more "okay to do" but in today's society filled with influenza, diseases and more, I don't want anyone touching my baby that I do not know personally. To be quite honest, I'm not a fan of someone that I even know touching too much if I haven't seen them wash their hands. Rubbing a little baby's leg or arm is one thing, but to touch their hands is another. Babies are constantly sucking on their hands so why would a person touch that? And to try and pull a quiet, content baby's pacifier out of their mouth is just simply rude. 

I was so disgusted and upset that this happened yet again that I came home and unloaded groceries so fast that I later found my Oreos in the refrigerator. HA! Yes, I was that mad! I immediately wiped down my baby and from now on I intend on either using my car seat drape or baby wearing her to prevent this. 

Seriously, no one knows how much of a germaphobe-OCD-freak I really am. I'll never outgrow this and even after my third kid, I still won't be comfortable with it. I'm perfectly fine with anyone speaking to my baby and asking me questions, but please don't touch! 

I don't walk up to you and start rubbing your fat matter how cute you are. Kinda like men don't just walk up and tap a lady on their's not yours to touch. 

And to those who think I'm being rude -- my baby, my rules, her health. :)

Have you run into this problem?

Thanks for reading, Sasha