Little Bit: One Month

Dear Little Bit, 
I can't believe you're one month old already. Seems like just yesterday you were kicking in my belly. 
You are so beautiful and every day your precious face melts my heart. Even in the middle of 
the night when I just need a little more sleep, I'm in heaven the second I pick you up and see
that pretty face and smell that sweet baby scent. You're the absolute sweetest thing ever. 
Daddy and I are fascinated by you and love watching everything you do. 
You have no idea how loved you are. And it's only been a month! 

Weight: 9lbs 2oz. That's two pounds more than your birth weight. You LOVE to eat!
Length: 22're in the 95th percentile for your length. Mommy is thinking she may have a 
tall, gorgeous supermodel on her hands. Daddy better watch out.
Everyone says you look like daddy, until they see mommy's baby pictures.
But daddy's mommy doesn't think you look like him and either does your Nanny.
So we really are unsure about who you look like! 

Loves: Looking at any lights and out the windows. You love laying on your belly on mommy and daddy
and you love daddy's voice. You also seem to love to sleep so mommy is thrilled about that!
You also LOVE to be held. What baby doesn't though?
And you love to study mommy's face -- it's like you're trying to figure me out. 
Mommy LOVES that! You also love strolling outside and looking around. 

Likes: You do really good in your crib staring at your elephants and at your mobile. 
Mommy can usually get a good 20 minutes of "free" time while you chill in there. 
You also seem to like your jungle gym play mat but only at certain times. 
You like your pacifier but that's also at certain times too. Sometimes you really don't want it.
You loved your bouncer chair in the beginning and for the most part you still do. 
You always nap in it, and just about every morning you sit and stare at the birds on top. 

Dislikes: You're not a fan of getting in your car seat but after we start moving you're usually fine. 
You don't like to nap in your crib always nap in your bouncer chair during the day. 
(or you nap on me)

Food & Diapers: Your still getting mommy's milk! It makes mommy so happy to feed you.
You go through a ridiculous amount of diapers a day! It's all that eating you do. 
And daddy is so proud of the "toots" and diaper explosions you have. It makes him laugh. 
You learned that from him!

Crying: Your cries normally start off with a little cough and then you constantly make
a sound that sounds like the letter "a" sound. But mommy has heard some serious crying in the car!

Schedule: At first we had a little daytime schedule, but now you eat quite a bit
so it's more on demand. At night you do great though! You go to sleep around 9:00 and 
you sleep for usually about five hours until I wake you up! Love that you give mommy good nights.

Postpartum: Mommy is doing great, just ready to lose the last 9-10 pounds. Not quite sure
yet if I can really wear all my old shorts and pants. Only one pair was a success so far. 
Mommy LOVES being your mommy. It's the best job I've ever had. Finally, I have a job that I love!
Mommy is back into the swing of managing housework, but it is difficult to cook at times. 
Luckily, Gigi has given mommy lots of help! 

Outings: For the longest we just stayed at home! Then at four weeks mommy took you
to Babies R Us, which was your first outing! You did great. We have also gone shopping at 
Coach where you stayed awake and looked at all of the pretty purses! Daddy better get ready. 
We even went shopping together for daddy's Father's Day present! We'll tell him you picked it out. 
And you had your first restaurant experience - at Hooters - hahaha, with Gigi and Pop!
You were very well behaved too! :) Made mommy happy!

Happy One Month Little Bit!
We love you!