Labor Pains and a Craft

In the past few days I have been in major nesting mode. I think I did so much yesterday that it was the culprit behind my contractions and what I thought was "labor" this morning. This is the second night I lose sleep thinking that I am beginning labor. After last Saturday's dance recital (a long, busy day) I awoke to what I believed was labor but after several hours it stopped. Then after a whole day of organizing and cleaning yesterday, my body started doing the labor dance again and this time it was more consistent.  

Then it just all stops. 
Seriously, why is she teasing me like that? 

This morning they were consistent and at regular intervals. 
Not to mention the back pain --- O -- M -- G ---.
I think the back pain that keeps coming along with it all will be worse than Little Bit passing through. 
I'm even getting the nausea that "Early Labor" can bring but then it just stops. 
Has any moms out there ever experienced this?

{I lost my mucus plug yesterday! YAY for TMI}

Today has mostly been spent on the sofa with some nesting here and there. 
Mopping. Bathing the dog. Laundry. 
And then crafting...

Here is my little creation for when we come home and have Little Bit with us. I am a germaphobe and really 
don't like when I see people around babies or children that have runny noses or a bad cough. I created this 
sign for our house and truthfully I wanted it to also read: "If you have the sniffles please come back another time." 

But I didn't want to be too rude. I do like the end result though! 

And to sit on our end table...

Has anyone experienced any of this?
How do you like the craft?!?! :)