Our Baby Shower Details {First Look}

Our baby shower was this past weekend and all I can say is --- WOW. It was perfect. My mom, my aunts, sisters in law and friends did an amazing job and it was just simply perfect. The decor was beautiful and just as I had hoped (it was all done before I even arrived--loved the surprise). We had a wonderful turnout of people that showed up to celebrate our day and it was great to see so many people and catch up. We were blessed with so much for our Little Bit leaving us very little to have to go out and purchase. She's pretty much good to go and may I say that she'll be styling in all of her cute new clothes. Her closet is pretty darn full! I can't wait to dress her up.

I was so excited for our shower that I hardly slept the night before (although I just couldn't get comfortable either). I anxiously awaited the day all week and I can't believe it's come and gone now. But it was perfect! I couldn't have asked for more and I love looking at the photos. I can never thank everyone enough who made the day so beautiful for us. My mom, my amazing mom, worked her booty off in preparation for this. She was determined for it to be the shower of my dreams and she more than succeeded. 

Below is just a sneak peek of the details of the shower. Later this week, I will share some more with you! I'm still trying to catch up on the aftermath of organizing, unboxing and cleaning. 


What do you guys think?
So perfect for me and my Little Bit. :)
Stay tuned this week for more on her shower!
I should add that my mom made the diaper cake and my dad did the fruit creation.
Yay for creative genes!