10 Hilarious Truths to Being Pregnant

When I got pregnant I messaged a friend on Facebook about it and she started congratulating me and giving me advice. One piece of advice she gave me was to never read those pregnancy books because it can worry you with all of the things that can go wrong. Well...sadly I believe I now own far too many pregnancy books; birthing books; breast feeding and eating books; etc... And yes, I am currently reading them all. 

Yet no matter how many books you read or how many websites and forums you read, you still don't always learn the really true and often kinda icky facts about being pregnant. So I compiled a list of some of my favorite experiences and "symptoms" that I hope you can relate to (otherwise, I may have something wrong with me).
  1. Your tatas will likely change in ways that make you wonder if they will ever look the same. Suddenly those National Geographic photos you saw as a child of those "naked" people start to make sense. 
  2. Bladder control becomes a far bigger issue than just having to "go" all the time. Sneezing, coughing and vomiting (from morning sickness) will likely result in a little leakage that is enough to say, "I peed my pants."
  3. You really can't help but wonder what your baby is doing and if it is okay during mommy and daddy's "play time." Please be okay in there...please be okay in there...
  4. No matter what preconceived thoughts you had about being a completely healthy eater during the pregnancy that includes mostly organic food, less fried food and minimal dessert--it just doesn't happen. You want to eat everything you see and you will find a way to get it. 
  5. No one tells you that food cravings will hit you at the most random times. Like that time I was shaving my legs in the shower and wanted a Domino's pepperoni pizza with bell peppers. Yes, because that makes total sense. 
  6. Eventually your ability to trim or shave any bikini line and girly region is like trying to paint a masterpiece while blind. All of a sudden you just can't see it nor can you bend over far enough to try. 
  7. Laziness isn't a symptom listed in the book, but I do believe ponytails and minimal makeup are much more common in pregnancy. Why wake up earlier to make myself pretty? I have that glow right? Works for me. 
  8. Suddenly you really don't care about your wardrobe. You're so hitting that sale at Baby Gap to buy your unborn daughter a blue jean mini skirt. And yes, it may have cost more than your own mini skirt. 
  9. You'll  have more people "pet" you than a baby poodle does. 
  10. Finally, you'll have dreams of talking newborn babies; your ability to nurse puppy dogs; seeing a baby swinging in your belly during an ultrasound and having twin boys when in reality you're having ONE girl. 
I'm sure the funny, icky facts are endless with a pregnancy. Perhaps there will be a part two of this later on during my pregnancy. No matter how icky and down right strange some things will be, pregnancy is such a joy and such a beautiful thing. I'm loving it! 

Can you relate to any of these "symptoms?"
Thanks for reading, Sasha
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