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 The full premium starter kit. 

The full premium starter kit. 


Why the premium starter kit?

This is the best way to begin your journey with essential oils. Your kit comes with a diffuser, 11 oils, samples, resources and much more. This is your portal to the oily life! You'll receive the most common and frequently used oils AND a diffuser at a discounted price. By purchasing this kit as a member, you also allow yourself to receive wholesale pricing in the future and even better, you can begin your oily business. But don't worry, you don't have to! There's no pressure, it is just an option! 

The starter kit is a retail value of over $300 and you receive for just $160. 

What about resources and help using my oils?

Once you purchase and receive your kit, you will begin receiving newsletters straight from me with information, tips, new products and promotions. You can also follow me on Instagram at @themushymommy where I'll frequently post photos and uses. Make sure to LIKE us on Facebook to keep up with new blog posts and recipes as well. Join our private group on Facebook, The Mushy Mommy Village, where you can have access to private deals, mama chats, online classes and more. Lastly, you will become a part of three amazing Private! Facebook Oily communities! 

But what is the "gimmick?" 

The gimmick is that there is NONE. NO fees, ever. No monthly obligations. Just one 50PV (=$50) order a year (and the first year your starter kit covers it!) No pressure to sell. NOTHING. None of that useless stuff you see with other companies. You can grab your kit and never come back (but you'd be missing out, for reals). You can grab your kit and come back occasionally for new things or to replenish your oils. OR you can be like the many in our community who get their starter kit and dig deep into our products and experience life changing results. 

It is literally one starter kit that has opened the door to natural wellness, lifestyle changes and more for so many people! 

But what if oils are not your thing?

 Thieves Home cleaning starter kit 

Thieves Home cleaning starter kit 

That is totally okay! Young Living has several other starter kits that you can use to get access to the Young Living products. Young Living is a full spectrum wellness company and we are SO much more than just oils. You can begin your journey with a Thieves Home Cleaning Starter kit for plant based cleaning and disinfecting OR you can begin your journey with the Savvy Minerals makeup line. This is a non toxic, mineral makeup line that is stunning. You can see me wearing this frequently over at my Instagram! The coverage is on point and NO dirty chemicals in there!



How to purchase? 

Use the link provided here to join The Mushy Mommy team today and begin your journey to natural wellness. As a member you receive wholesale pricing on future orders and discounted shipping AND you have the option to be a distributor if you choose to! No pressure to sell, you totally don't have to do it! But just know that the option for you to ENROLL others and receive a referral bonus! Plus, I'll send you a package of some fun goodies in the mail to get you welcomed and started. 

Lastly, just remember that small changes make for great results. Don't feel overwhelmed with trying to change too much in your life at once. Just make one small leap, and then more will follow. 

Not sure but want more information?

Email me at and I will personally respond as well as subscribe you to our private oily newsletters! 

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