Essential Oils and More for Babies

Using essential oils for babies is a beautiful, wonderful thing. With the right guidance, you can easily help support your little one from head to toe with just a simple touch of nature. 

While using essential oils on little ones can be intimidating for some, it's honestly a very easy and glorious task. Essential oils can support your baby and help them sleep better, feel better and even cry less. Why yes, that sounds beautiful right? 

When using oils for babies, you want to use only true, 100% pure oils. Unfortunately many labels out there are misleading and claim to be 100% pure when in fact they are not. In fact, they only have to be 5% pure to receive that fancy label. This means that other brands often contain synthetic ingredients or they are heavily watered down. Some companies even add man made smells to make their oils smell better - so crazy!

I only trust Young Living oils for my little ones because I know that by using just a drop or two, I am giving them all that they need because it is so pure and effective. I know that no toxins or chemicals are going into their bloodstream. It's a beautiful thing when you can support your family naturally. In our home, we strive hard to kick the toxins out and use only plant based products and essential oils. We aren't perfect, but we are pretty mindful and everything that touches our skin is pure. It's a passion I have as a mother, and if it's not yours, that's totally okay. We all get there in different ways eventually or perhaps just a few small changes is all that you are looking for. 

Below are some tips for using essential oils for babies and what to use them for:

  • Always dilute. There are some people who don't dilute, but I like to recommend to my readers to dilute for their little ones. You can easily search Pinterest for dilution ratios but honestly, we always do about two drops of oil to one, heaping tablespoon of coconut oil. Or we use one drop with a few pumps of the Young Living V6 carrier oil. Normally the ratio for babies is 1:30. 
  • Read Gentle Babies. Gentle Babies is a great book for pregnancy, mothers and babies. You can find this on amazon and it will breakdown a lot of the safety of oils for little ones. 
  • Invest in the Kidscents oils. These oils are already diluted, so just add a roller top to them and they are safe for your little ones. 
  • Do not apply citrus or photosensitive oils to areas that will be in direct sunlight. Normally your little one won't be in the direct sunlight anyway and typically citrus oils are rarely applied, so this is just something to file away and remember if needed. 

So what can you use your oils for? 

  • Baby Massage
  • Dry Skin, Irritations and bites 
  • Fussiness, Colic 
  • Gassiness, Indigestion, bellyaches
  • Immune support
  • Calming 
  • Teething 
  • Constipation
  • Coughing 
  • Cradle Cap
  • Diaper Rash 
  • Even cleaning! 

Which oils are great for what?

  • Sleep: Lavender, Frankincense, Orange, Peace and Calming, Dream Catcher, White Angelica, Sleepyize, Gentle Baby
  • Fussiness: Gentle Baby, Frankincense, Lavender, Orange, Peace and Calming, White Angelia, Joy, 
  • Tummy Troubles: Peppermint, Tummygize or DiGize
  • Immune: Frankincense and Thieves
  • Teething: Clove Vitality or Copaiba Vitality
  • Skin + Diaper Rash: Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium 
  • Constipation: Peppermint, Fennel, DiGize, Tummygize 
  • Respiratory: Snifflease, RC, Eucalyptus 

Where to apply them? 

Essential oils can be either diffused to be inhaled or applied topically. Young Living oils are so pure you can even ingest some of them, but we're not recommending that for the little ones. Just a simple diffuser in their nursery or a rub on the feet is typically all it takes. 

Most frequently you'll want to apply them to the bottoms of the feet for things like immune support, sleep and bellyaches. You can also massage the belly in a circular motion and for skin and calming support, a baby massage (or diffusing) is the perfect choice. For respiratory support, you can make a chest rub or diffuse for baby. We apply Copaiba Vitality oil straight to the gums for teething and it helps nix the fussiness. 

Oils for emotions. 

Young Living has many oils and essential oils blends that can be safely used for emotions. Since little ones aren't dealing with a ton emotions though, most of the time you can just get by with using Lavender + Frankincense (available in the starter kit) and maybe Gentle Baby (a favorite of mine!). 

Oils for sleep. 

Again, the possibilities are endless for oils for sleep. There are so many recipes and blends that you can use to help your little ones sleep. In fact, this is often the biggest testimony I receive from people is that oils helped their little ones to sleep better. Most people again just use Lavender and Frankincense from the starter kit and see success with this (we do!). Others often love Gentle Baby, White Angelica, Orange, Peace and Calming or Dream Catcher. 

Beyond the oils. 

The beauty of Young Living is that their products for little ones goes well beyond just essential oils. While you can easily make your own DIY products with essential oils, sometimes you just like the ease of ordering the essentials and being done. Young Living has a new baby line, Seedlings, that is so wonderful. Pure and natural products with a scent of essential oils that smells so incredibly dreamy. Their products include wash, diaper cream, linen spray, lotion, baby oil and baby wipes. 

I love the security and confidence I can have with using safe products and truly pure oils on my baby and even my older children. And this is just the start. Essential oils can support you and your emotions SO much (hello and goodbye postpartum ickiness). 

If you think that this is something for you and you still have more questions or it seems overwhelming, it's my job to take care of that and help guide you on this journey. Email me at or chat with me on my Facebook page. Lastly, if you're ready to go in to this natural journey with no fees, no monthly obligations and no crazy rules or obligations, then check out this link here to learn more. I would love to hold your hand down this journey to wellness, health and hopefully more sleep! 

Save the graphic below for guidance. 

Essential Oils and babies

Helping Little Ones to Sleep with Essential Oils


If there is one thing that I love, it is my sleep. I mean, what mother doesn't love a good night of peaceful sleep after a long day of mothering?! I sure as heck LOVE it. 

But I, like so many others, fall victim to the cycles of waking toddlers who have to pee, teething babies, or even worse -- the dreaded sleep regression. I can't stand a sleep regression; they make me crazy. 

I have used oils off and on at various points the past year or so for sleep on my girls. Quite honestly the only reason why I haven't continually used it is likely just because of sheer laziness. You know, sometimes when the jar runs out of my secret concoction then I just become lazy and forget to make another. That is motherhood I guess. 

But after a few weeks of horrible sleep due to a sleep regression, I knew it was time to break out the magic again. This time I tried a new recipe with some new oils I had on hand and I am loving it so far! Two weeks ago my almost two year old was frequently waking at night asking for her cup and (knock on wood) since starting back with our oily routine, we have noticed a drastic improvement! They even napped better after an application of this oily recipe. 

There are numerous oils out there to help aide with sleep issues and even a kid's oil specifically for Sleep (which is on the way to me now actually), but I have found success with this simple recipe! 

I love mixing our oils in miniature mason jars as this provides an easy way to apply and looks pretty as well. It's easy to grab a dab to rub on little one's feet and spines, and because of the tight suction of a good mason jar, it is very child proof for curious hands. 

Young Living Baby Sleep


  • About two tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 8 Drops Gentle Baby
  • 8 Drops Lavender
  • 6-8 Drops Cedarwood

Mix it up and bam -- there you go! 

Easy peasy and I have noticed a drastic difference in a better night of sleep. The biggest thing about essential oils is just forming a routing and *remembering* your routine and creating new habits. 

Interested in trying essential oils or joining Young Living? You can join my team today by using this link or by using number 2034495 as your enrolled/sponsor ID. Join my Mushy Mommy team today and we'll get started on a healthier, natural journey together! 

10 Gifts Every New Mom Needs


When it comes to giving new moms a great gift, some of us may stress about what truly makes a great gift. We may want to find the fanciest things, but sometimes the most practical and obvious gift, is the best one. 

Before we even dig into this chart, let me just say that three things not listed here that are truly a very well loved gift are 1) diapers, 2) wipes 3) medicines. Seriously, they seem so obvious and even boring, but if you are an experienced mama you know that these are the most used gifts of all. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to discover your baby is running fever and you don't have infant's Tylenol. Not to mention that new moms don't always know what medicines and remedies they should have on hand, so for a veteran mom to give that gift is truly a wise thing! 

Practical gifts are double hands up emoji awesome. 

Here's are 10 Items that are seriously amazing. Sometimes it is either a lifesaver or just a really good and well used item! 

1. The Hobo Bag from Logan and Lenora. So duh, we all love pretty bags and yes, new moms probably have a great diaper bag. BUT these bags have a waterproof lining and are machine washable. You have no idea how amazing this is until you've had milk cups leak in your bags or until you've had dirty bags from toting it around everywhere. It is also great because it is big enough for spare diapers, snacks, clothes and mommy essentials and still looks like you're carrying a cute purse rather than a bulky diaper bag! 

2. Muslin Swaddles. These are the SOFTEST baby blankets and I just love them! They are also typically very large in size and I'll just say that the monochrome theme is very in right now, so you can't go wrong with these colors! 

3. A Natural Rash Cream. So sure the natural chick in me is coming out on this one...but here is why. Sometimes diaper rashes are caused strictly from the chemicals in the diapers and wipes that we use. So why irritate it anymore (or at all) with a nasty rash cream?! Choose a natural one! Bonus is that these creams can be used for many things like cracked skin, cuts and burns even. 

4. Balm Baby Eucalyptus Rub. This is the natural alternative to Vicks Vapo Rub. There is some research out there that shows Vicks can be deadly if used too much on too little of a baby. So choose our rub that nixes that chemical and helps to clear baby's airways. This is one of those medicines that come in handy in the middle of the night! 

5. A Baby Wrap. My words of advice is that every mom needs a baby wrap for the first 6-9 months and then a good, structured carrier for the remaining months of baby wearing. Wraps keep babies close to mama in a womb like way and have amazing health benefits. Plus, mama gets to have her hands free!

6. This Teether Leash. A teether connected to a leash that is then connected to baby's clothes is the bees knees. No one wants to play fetch all day with a damn teether!

7. Balm Baby Teething Rub. This sells quite a bit in our store! It's all natural and sure to help teething babies get some rest and fuss a bit less! It's safe to put directly onto gums which eliminates the mess of Orajel or the like. 

8. Pampering Items for Mama. Whether it is chocolate, a magazine for baby's nap time (that likely still may not get read) or some skin care products, mama needs to have something to recharge and take care of herself with. I love our Glow exfoliating scrub! It works wonders! 

9. The Logan and Lenora Diaper and Wipe Clutch. It's like the best thing ever. Fits a few diapers (or one cloth diaper and a small wet bag), wipes and even your keys and wallet. Squeeze in a bottle of hand sanitizer, a pack of snacks for baby and even your favorite lip stick! It's PERFECT for quick errands, going out to eat, etc... I love these practical and stylish clutches. Waterproof and machine washable, because duh...moms need that!  

10. A Sippy Cup that IS spill proof! You will come across 131 cups that claim to be spill proof and I will tell you that this is the first one I discover to truly hold up to that claim. Even better, these are eco friendly and non toxic because they are made of recycled milk jugs in the USA and come in a rainbow of colors and are super inexpensive. Grab one for mama and she'll thank you later. ;)

So there you have it. A fool proof lists of items that you can't go wrong with. I recently just gave a first time mom the diaper and wipe clutch filled with essentials like the Bottom Balm, teething rub and other items I knew she needed for breastfeeding. 

Never hesitate to shop away from a mother's registry if you are buying practical items that EVERY mom needs. And if you know of a new mama, make sure to share this post or our store with her so she can add our items to her wish list or her Baby List registry. Thanks for reading and sharing! 

Rock on Mamas!