Summer Themed Gift Basket

Shopping for gifts for others can sometimes be so hard! But one of my favorite things to do is gift someone with a basket of items that I know they will appreciate. It’s even more fun when there’s a “theme” to the gift where all of the items tend to go together or can be used together; and I happen to find the summer theme loads of fun (and much easier).

I wanted to share this fun and easy gift basket idea that is ideal for any spring/summer holidays, birthdays or housewarming gifts. There’s so much fun stuff in here and you can make your basket cost as little or as much as you’d like! Below I have some suggestions as well as different ideas in place of what I used for this basket.

For starters you need a good item to hold all of the goodies, so for this one I went with a wood barrel planter from Tractor Supply. For spring and summer season, you can use planters, an outdoor dining piece, or if the person is into gardening, perhaps you could use a wire basket or gardening basket. Beach bags are another fun idea where you can theme your gift items for poolside and beach vacays.

Summer time is all about relaxing, being outdoors and having a little down time. That’s why this gift was filled with fruity summer drinks (wine!), a Magnolia Summer Magazine and a little touch of chocolate. Other great ideas would be Sangria, lemonade, spritzers, mineral water, sunflower seeds, taffy, trail mix or unique brews.

Add in a good summer magazine or a novel that your person may appreciate for their summer downtime. Other items included in this basket was a Hummingbird Feeder and food, but you can do citronella candles, bird houses, an outdoor decor item, etc… Additionally, I added a mason jar of wildflower mix for planting and attracting butterflies, but you could always add seed packets for gardeners or gardening gloves, a small shovel or bird seed. It’s easy to find items for someone who appreciates being outdoors.

Since I love essential oils, I topped the basket off with an oil that I knew the person would appreciate and some Young Living insect repellent. This is where you can DIY and make your own insect repellent, a small Thieves travel cleaner, an after sun spray or a fun roll on. Essential oils make DIYs so much fun! If your person doesn’t currently use essential oils, adding a fun oily surprise is a great way to introduce someone to essential oils! If you need help with essential oils, check out our resources.

Another fun thing to add is fresh summer produce that perhaps you’ve grown or picked up locally at a farmer’s market. If fresh produce doesn’t work for you, try fresh flowers such as a wildflower mix from the local grocery store (inexpensive but beautiful) or a small plant.

These are just general ideas for filling up a good ole’ basket or planter and gifting someone you care about with the things that they can enjoy and use this summer season. Sometimes searching for the perfect gift can be overwhelming, so sometimes you just need to put together your own. Creating your own basket is a sweet, personal touch that will surely appreciate!

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