I Buy My Kids Clothes at Target and We Wear Hand Me Downs

This post isn’t to take dig at either type of mom - not the moms who have kids in hand me downs or the moms who pay way more than I do for their kids clothes. This is just a post to keep it real! xoxo

This post isn’t to take dig at either type of mom - not the moms who have kids in hand me downs or the moms who pay way more than I do for their kids clothes. This is just a post to keep it real! xoxo

I thought I would always be that mom…

You know, the mom who had kids that ALWAYS looked super put together and stylish. Maybe not always in the fanciest of clothes (because #bills), but definitely in the cutest clothes from hip boutiques and with beautiful bows and perfect hair.

And then life happened.

And by life, I really just mean I had three kids within 5 years. Which translates to a whole lot of chaos if we’re being real here.

There are days where we leave our house and I’m thinking to myself, “Damn I hope we don’t run into anyone we know.” Or I’m already mentally preparing myself to tell whatever human I run into the truth - these heathens demanded on dressing themselves and today I didn’t care because it was one less battle to win.

You see there are days where my kids walk out of the house looking like a rainbow threw up on them with a dash of unicorns and butterflies or if we’re being a little real here, they look like child hobos (no offense to any of my hobo readers - much love!). I mean their hair is dangling down and despite being brushed earlier that morning, it’s still a hot mess. And somehow my three year old is convinced that turquoise Nikes go with everything and my five year old’s sense of matching is a total work in progress.

Don’t get me wrong here, when we need to look like a normal functioning family, we do. We have nice clothes; but I’ll be damned if I’m going to drop a ton on toddler clothes just for them to wear it for like a day before it has a giant ice cream stain on it or before it’s too small. I’m not going to join 131 mom groups to buy and trade all the latest fashions for kids because well, that’s what Target is for.

Oh snap, yes I buy my kid’s clothes from the big box chain stores and I’m not ashamed of it.

Kudos to the moms who search high and low for their kid’s clothes - I just don’t have the energy. Seriously, I actually wish sometimes I put more effort into it like you, but yet here we are. I’ve even realized sometimes that a few nicer pieces far outweighs several cheaper pieces…but here we are (still).

Sometimes you truly just have to embrace the crazy, right? Sometimes you just have to let your children dress themselves and not crush their spirits when your five year old daughter walks out of the room dressed to impress and she did it all herself. Sure there’s a lime green flower clip in her hair in January with a spring dress and butterfly leggings, but man that girl was SO proud and yep, we went and did our thing that day and she was proud of what she did.

I’ve learned that it’s not about being perfect. My kids don’t have to be Gap models nor do they have to have the best and most unique clothes. If anything I have learned they need less clothes with less options and in more neutral palettes (but that’s a post for another day I suppose). My children just need clothes. And love. And sure some fashion guidance when needed but you know what, sometimes we live life on the edge in this house and that means we go out looking like hap hazard rainbows.

My children are beautiful and there’s no need for the excuses.

There’s also no need for extra battles. So with that said, the days where my children look like beautiful, little hobos with turquoise Nikes and out of season colors - it means that they expressed themselves that day. Or it just means I was lazy (take it how you want). It means that they looked into the closet full of clothes that they are so blessed to have and chose what brought them joy. They don’t know whether it cost a few dollars or if it was a hand me down from their sibling or friends, they just know that it brings them joy.

And really, joy is all that matters. Life would be too serious otherwise and well, Target is basically Heaven on Earth so cheers to all of my mamas no matter how you dress your kids. Fancy clothes or hand me downs, smocks or chain stores, I hope whatever it is - there’s just joy thrown into whatever rainbows that fill your closet up.

Besides…maybe my kids are just in touch with their inner free spirit. I can be hopeful right?