I'm a Mother Because He Loved Me First

I'm a Mother First Because He Loved Me

Last night while getting ready for bed, the words "I'm a Mother Because He Loved Me First" popped into my head. I realized that those words were powerful, deep and meaningful. I also realized that there were two people that this expression referred to, Jesus Christ as the first HE and my husband as the second. 

Let's start with Jesus since he's kinda the biggie here. 

I am a mother first and foremost because Jesus Christ loved me so much that he died up on that cross for me to live this life day in and day out. I am a mother who knows love and how to give love because I first had His love. 

I am a mother who is sustained by Jesus each and every day, especially during the trials of motherhood. I'm a mother who has the capacity to forgive, because each day I am forgiven for my wrongs. I am so graciously loved enough to be given more grace, more patience and more kindness. And tomorrows, I am always grateful for tomorrows. 

I am a mother because I know that Jesus Christ hears my thoughts, my prayers and my pleas for protection over my children. Mothering in this day and age without a Lord to turn to would be scary and dark. But with my boy Jesus on my side, I can rise up each and every day to defeat the anxiety and fear that comes with mothering and keeping your precious ones safe. He's the ultimate protector when I can't always be. 

I am a mother because I have the best listener to speak to, and sometimes mamas just need a good listener. He may not always speak back, but sometimes us mamas just need to get it all out there anyway - with no interruptions. He listens well and I know he hears me.

I am a mother with Jesus on my side. 

And then He went and did this crazy thing. He brought along a man for me to meet and marry who would one day help make me a mother as well. The husband, the baby daddy, the partner, the lover and the one who accompanies my Mother with Father. Whatever you call him, he's kinda a big deal too. 

I am a mother because two people fell in love long ago and because that love grows daily in many ways. Watching someone you love deeply become a parent is a beautiful thing and opens up more value, more appreciation and respect. It gets messy, it gets chaotic, and it gets loud. Really loud. But gosh, it gets so good. 

I am a mother because this man loved me enough to take me as his own. Out of all the fish in the sea (as he would say), I chose him and he chose me. I am a mother because our love came together and grew in ways unimaginable. It grows as we grow, it ages as we age. It finds joy in the mundane and it relishes in the little moments of hide and seek and ABC's now. 

I am a mother because this man took a chance on me. He didn't know if I'd be a good mother or not. He didn't know how I'd do things and who I'd become. But he took that chance and had a little faith. I'm sure he couldn't have predicted lots of the ways in which I'd evolve. #clothdiapers

I am a mother because this man loves me day in and day out no matter how imperfect I may be. He loves my beauty no matter how much motherhood has changed it and he loves my cooking no matter how often I burn it. He loves me at my weakest, at my most exhausted and at my whiniest. He pushes me, supports me and lifts me up when I am defeated. And he lets me nap! 

I am a mother because while yes I could probably do this own my own, he is the light I need in my days to conquer motherhood. He's the partner, the cheerleader and sometimes the mess maker too. But his love, his grace and his partnership makes this role as mother complete. 

So I am a mother because he loved me then and he loves me now. In fact, he loves me more each day and he's my counterpart in this parenting thing. Yet his love wouldn't be possible without the first love. One he wouldn't be possible without the other He. 

So as Mother Day approaches, I am blessed to hold the title of "Mother" but I personally couldn't have done it alone. Thank you to the man who made me a mother and to the Lord who gave me a love that gave me the world. 

Happy Mother's Day to our readers! 

*This post is written solely from my experience and faith. I am well aware that not all mamas become mothers in the same way. Happy Mother's Day to all of the mamas out there no matter how or who you give your thanks to for helping you become a mother. Enjoy your special day, you totally deserve it!