Why I Use Essential Oils

The Mushy Mommy and Essential Oils

Five years ago seems like a long time. But over five years ago a journey for me began that I would have never quite predicted. I was just like every other mama - I had a baby registry filled with popular baby brands and products such as Johnson and Johnson’s and I had not much thought really to the things we were using on our skin.

I suppose when I think back, there were signs that this would be “me” one day. As newlyweds with a small budget, I tried to squeeze organic items into the grocery cart sometimes just because I figured, “they must be better for us.” I didn’t know why. When my daughter was born and I had a stock pile of Johnson and Johnson’s, I opted for the “natural” version first. I didn’t really know why. For as long as I can remember, I never really took over the counter medicines - I just always let things run their course. Again, I didn’t know why.

Sometimes we do things and we don’t even realize that there are subconscious reasons why we are doing them. I look back now and realize that I did know there were “healthier” ways of living and I sometimes chose those ways, but I didn’t know why.

And then one day when my daughter was about three months old I was sent an article about Johnson and Johnson’s baby products and it lit a fire under me. I began researching and returning things back to the store. I began reading books like “Healthy Child, Healthy World” and educating myself on ways to protect my health and most of all, my baby’s health.

Aside from being a natural birth junkie and a die hard breastfeeding mama, I wasn’t some tree hugging hippie. I was just a girl on a mission to make our home a safer place. I was just a mama bear protecting her cub. Being a hippie was something that slowly evolved because I chose it.

While on my journey of changing my baby’s skin care products, our cleaning products and then later my own beauty products, I kept coming across information on essential oils. You’d think they were this new, hit thing, but it turns out they were not. I was just new to the picture. So off I went to the local health food store for some errrllllssss.

Oils are My Love Language

And I found them. In fact, I found a few different brands and asked a few questions, but I knew little. I was deceived and thought that a brand was locally made because it had a local logo on it. I knew little about these oils or how to use them or how they even worked. Like um, how does just smelling a plant make me happy? Can someone please explain that?!?!

So to speed this life story up some, I later attended a Young Living class, heard all of the spill and went home begging for a starter kit.

I knew it was what I needed! It was what we needed!

And I am here to say that it took me nearly three freaking years to make them a huge part of my life. Which was so dumb.

I mean I used them and all, but not religiously. I didn’t educate myself on them and I didn’t really use the groups that I was a part of the way that I should have. Then one day comes and I’m pregnant and sick as can be with sinus junk and those oils freaking worked. They helped me more than the junk I was told to use by my doctor!

And they’ve been helping US ever since.

You see I use essential oils for everything. From cleaning to skin care, mosquito bites to respiratory support and emotions to sleep. When my mind is racing, I use oils. When I feel anxious, I use oils. When my kids are crazy, they get oils. When our noses are stuffy, we have oils. When they color on something, we have oils. When our skin is a little cray cray, we have oils. When I want to prevent wrinkles, I have oils. When everyone around you is sick, we have oils. And so on and so on.

I use oils because God placed those precious plants here for us. Essential oils aren’t some new fad, they are biblical and historical. They are what so many have used to help support us over time. And yes, when oils aren’t enough - we have doctors! But you know what? So often, oils ARE enough. In our home, it’s oils and supplements first - doctors later.

Essential Oils YLEO

I use essential oils because while they are not a magic pill, they help keep a lot of the bad guys out. Stuffy noses and seasonal allergies still appear on occasion, but the bad guys are usually out the door. And I have oils, good supplements and a decent diet to thank for all of that.

I use essential oils because today’s world is filled with chemicals, toxins and quick fixes at every corner you turn. If something is slightly wrong, everyone wants to medicate. If something smells bad, we cover it with cancerous plug ins and if food isn’t growing pretty enough, we genetically grow it in a lab. Like what the hell man, our bodies didn’t sign up for this. Increasingly high cancer rates, infertility, autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, learning disabilities and so much more didn’t just increase for no reason. It’s because our bodies are in contact with crap that it can’t handle.

We can’t fix it all, but we can sure make some changes!

Essential Rewards Order

So our family uses essential oils to help protect our body, health and overall well being. I use essential oils so hopefully I can live a little longer and be less of a cranky zombie. I use essential oils so I have to go visit my kid’s doctor and sit in the sick room with people coughing on me a lot less than before. We use them every single day.

I don’t use them because I am perfect. I’ll still eat all of your chocolate cake and drink some wine. I don’t use them because I am cooler than you or because I am a kale eating, seaweed loving health nut. I use them because I have learned enough by now to know that these son of a guns work and they are helping us and so many others around me.

I am just a mama bear, protecting her cubs. I am just a woman making a decision to be a little healthier. I am just a girl relying on some good oils, mother nature and Jesus. I’m just a mama, hugging my kids tight and huffing in all the oils from their little necks.

Don’t sit on the bench and wonder about them for so long like I did. Don’t just dabble in and out of them like I did. Don’t think you’re not “hippie” enough. You can do this mama bear, you really can. And I will gladly help you along the way.

Top photo by Gray Photography