New Habits for the New Year

New Year. New You. Right? 

 I like to think that with the new year, you don't have to be full of resolutions and changes. Like, not having any is totally okay, right?! But I won't lie, I love the fresh start and I think that having some changes, goals or even just new approaches to things can really make for a great year. 

If you're not into weight loss resolutions and if you're not one of the thousands of people joining a gym this month, but you're still looking for that "something," below are some great ideas to help tackle a new year. It's a fresh start to make fresh changes, to experience self growth and to deepen your relationships with yourself, your loved ones and the Lord. 

So what are some great habits to develop? I love a good routine and just like many, I fall of out of them when I experience life changes or even just exhaustion from kids who don't sleep. Below are some of my favorite routines and habits that can easily make your year better!

  • Declutter. Decluttering is one of the most freeing acts to me. Declutter your cabinets, closets and knick knacks around the home. Eliminate the piles of junk because most people get anxiety from looking at these piles of clutter, so eliminate them for a better start. 
  • Organize. It goes hand and hand with decluttering. Organizing makes you feel ready for the new year. Find something like the laundry room, cabinets or under the sink supplies to organize; toss the old things that you don't need or that is expired. 
  • Read. Choose a list of books to read this year, but don't pressure yourself with too many. A big list will never get done because it will look impossible. Settle for 3-5 if you're a busy mom like me who knows that reading during motherhood is just dang hard. 
  • Create a wellness routine. Create an area for you that contains all of your supplements and vitamins. Don't take any of these things? Now is the best time to start! The new year is a great time to focus in on your health, so take charge and begin a routine that can make you feel more energetic, think more clearly and hopefully keep the germs away. Don't settle for those vitamins in the stores, go for natural, plant based supplements. Young Living and Nordic Naturals are both great places to begin. 
  • Meal Plan. Some people plan for the month, I like the idea of weekly. Try what works for you and see if it makes grocery shopping and cooking easier and less stressful. Utilize the fresh ingredients you have by cooking similar meals that contain them so that way nothing goes bad. For instance, if you're purchasing a head of lettuce and some tomatoes for salads, then plan to cook tacos too that week to utilize those ingredients as well. 
  • Simplify. Oh I can elaborate on this one, but basically look at your life and see how you can simplify it. Declutter your home. Eliminate things from your calendar that you don't "need" or truly want to do. Don't feel pressured to be at everything. Learn to say NO.
  • Toss the toxins. A New Year is a great time to eliminate toxins and unhealthy products from your life. Make a slow transition into using more plant based, toxin free personal care products and cleaning products. You can learn more about that here and join my private community for support and access to some of the best products and the ones that we use in our home!
  • Start a daily devotional. Find a good one and stick to it. Bible journaling is also another wonderful habit to begin!
  • Begin each day with oils. I know some of you may be skeptical, but it's my mission to take you from skeptic to believer. Oils can change your life! They can support your sleep, moods, hormones and more that can ease the stress and anxiety you may wake up to each day. I promise you as your friend, that if you're suffering from any of those issues, then you really need drop me a line. Let me hook a sista up!
  • Focus on the positive. I've read so often that people who complain less are generally happier. I won't lie, I can be a complainer. So how about joining me in hopes that we can just be happier and not complain about everything that just doesn't go our way. 
  • Create a space just for you. Maybe it's at your home desk, in your home office or perhaps it's a sitting area somewhere in your home filled with your books and things you admire. Make this a retreat for you to turn to for a few minutes of "me" time to gather your thoughts. Or perhaps you're a work at home mother like me - that space can be needed. Since not everyone may have that space indoors, think of an area outdoors that you can turn into a small retreat for you. 
  • LIVE THE LITTLE THINGS. Enjoy more of the simple moments. Make time for the things that bring you joy. Hot coco with the kids, smores by the fire, front porch rocking and so much more. Slow down and just live and enjoy the moments. 

I hope you find yourself having the best year yet. A year full of moments that leave lasting imprints and memories to last a lifetime. Take the year slowly, reach for whatever goals you have and just stop and live. Create habits that will help you do all of these things. Set realistic goals and find your grace when you fall. 

Happy New Year! 

P.S. Embrace the smores crumbs all over the floors. (see above photo ;))  #momlife