Tips and Tricks for Beginning a Journey With Essential Oils

Essential oils for beginners



Lack of knowledge. 


Lack of support. 

This is how so many feel about digging into essential oils or opening their new Young Living starter kit. Occasionally I come across that person here and there who has yet to open their box. A person who has yet to discover the life changing benefits of these oils and products and my heart weeps a little for them because I just want them to begin already!

Oftentimes the reason is due to the reasons stated above, but most commonly I find it is due to either a lack of support and/or that overwhelming feeling of not knowing which oil is for which thing. And I can totally relate and understand -- it is a lot of information to process when you jump into essential oils. 

Today I want to help you crack open that box and start using your oils. You will find below some tips and tricks to making oils a part of your daily life and then you will find links to other articles of mine to help you. My goal is to make this as easy as possible for you and I hope that this article helps you no matter where you are, who you are and no matter whose team you are on. 

Jesus and Oils
The Young Living starter kit oils. 

The Young Living starter kit oils. 

  • Just start with diffusing. Don't worry at first about trying to ingest or apply oils, in my opinion you need to just get comfortable with diffusing them. This is excellent because everyone can use this to replace candles or plug ins. Stick with the basics for the diffuser - Lemon, Lavender, Purification, Peppermint, Thieves or Stress Away. These aromas are super pleasing to the nose! Just fill the diffuser up with water to the line it tells you to and then tilt the oil bottles over some and a few drops will come out. It's that easy! 
  • Take your oils out of the box. Don't keep them stored in the box in the medicine cabinet. They are not just for "when you need them" but should be used daily to prevent certain things. Take them out of the box!
  • Don't be afraid to mix oils. Yes you can totally add however many oils you want to your diffuser. Purification and Lemon smell nice and clean. Lemon and Lavender smell dreamy. Judge how many drops to do by the size of the room. I typically do anywhere from 3-6 drops of different oils each in my diffuser. 
  • Put them where you will see them daily. Our oil collection and main diffuser is located in our dining room. This is a place I pass through constantly to get to my kitchen, my office, laundry room and my son's room. Seeing those oils there reminds me to pop some into the diffuser. Put them where you will see and use them!
  • Find a pretty pitcher of water. Find a tall and slender glass water pitcher, something pretty but not too big, and keep it filled with water by the diffuser. Doing this makes filling up your diffuser easy and you will likely use it more this way. 
  • Buy a jar of coconut oil, fractioned coconut oil OR the Young Living enhance carrier oil. This is great to have on hand for when you are ready to start diluting and applying your oils. 
  • Create a Pinterest board. Pinterest is filled with essential oil recipes for EVERYTHING. Make a board and pin away. It will help you understand things a bit more.
  • Get comfortable with the company. Learn more about the company by surfing their website, watching videos, reading about the many products they offer and so on. 
  • Don't be afraid. While yes too much of anything isn't always a good thing, it is quite rare for anything to happen from your essential oils. Most adults and children will have no sort of reaction to their oils. Don't fear that by using the wrong oil something bad will happen, because it won't. 
  • When in doubt dilute. If you're applying to the skin and have no clue what to dilute and not dilute then just dilute. Most people can get by without diluting anything - so keep it in mind that not diluting is fine too! Although most will recommend diluting with younger children for sure. 
  • Read the labels. It tells you so much good stuff there like if you should dilute and ingest and more. 
  • Have SUPPORT. This is huge. Like mega huge. Some people like to enroll people just for the quick kickback but they have no intentions on actually leading them or placing them into a group with people who can lead them. Before you enroll, ask questions about support and Facebook groups. When you join our community, you get added to three oily groups (one is my private community) and you have so many different levels of experience oilers that the help is truly wonderful. It is excellent guidance and often times fun with giveaways and more. Sometimes you form amazing new friendships just from this alone!
Essential Oils and support

I hope you soon break open that box of oils and dig right in. Or even click this link to begin a journey with us and receive a box that could change your life. It could change your health and wellness, your family's health and for some people who pursue it, it can change the whole course on the business end. 

Don't let fear keep you from turning to the leaves for healing. 

"Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing." 

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