5 Reasons to Use Essential Oils

Need a reason to use essential oils? Well here are 5 really easy ones! 

1. Because we need support. Let's face it, sometimes we just need support throughout our day to day lives. Millennials live fast paced lives full of extra curricular actives whether for ourselves or our children and we pretty much don't stop. We need something to support us throughout the day and even the night. Whether we need something to get our hormones in check, or to help us sleep at night without relying on the use of sleep aides, we often times need support. In a time where many are prescribed or "addicted" to other methods of support, we can rely on a natural support system such as essential oils. Life can be rough and we sometimes just need a boost!

2. Because we want to be healthy, right? Being healthy is THE thing right now. Diets that are labeled gluten free, keto, paleo, vegan, dairy free, etc... are almost the "cool" thing, simply because we think how great it is that a person is choosing a healthier lifestyle (although often these diets are for personal health reasons). More brands and companies are choosing to eliminate artificial preservatives and flavorings from their products because millennials are demanding it. Natural and organic is more than just a fad, it's becoming known as the way in which we should aim to live our lives. Essential oils fall right into this category because it's natural and it is healthy. In fact, it can help us STAY healthy. 

People are starting to realize that us crunchy mamas and health nut people, are on to something. We are on to healthier living, more energy and hopefully better rates when it comes to things like cancer, infertility and auto immune disorders. We have ONE life to live. 

Setting up for a late night online class. Valor and Peace and Calming II in the diffuser to help get me through the night. Valor for focus and confidence and Peace and Calming for a calm, peaceful late night. 

Setting up for a late night online class. Valor and Peace and Calming II in the diffuser to help get me through the night. Valor for focus and confidence and Peace and Calming for a calm, peaceful late night. 

3. Because we want to smell good and want our home to smell good. This is easy and a given but also probably overlooked. But think about it - you have plug ins, candles and wax warmers all around your home because you like certain smells. When it is Christmas you want it to smell like that and when your home is clean you want it to smell like that as well. But guess what? Those other methods of making your home smell great are TOXIC. Like seriously dude, burning a candle for an hour is just as toxic as smoking a cig. NO THANKS. Essential oils can make your home smell good while being diffused, as well as eliminate metallics, toxins, chemicals and bacteria from the air!

4. Because God was cool with it. Essential oils are referenced 188 times in the Bible. Frankincense and Myrrh, two highly popular oils, were given to baby Jesus by two of the three wise men. I like to think God knew what he was doing when he gave all of the beautiful plants he created the abilities to help support us. He laid the groundwork for us to have the ability to help us in times of distress, sickness and more. 

Essential Oils

5. Because everyone else is doing it. Even celebrities swear by it! Ah, the old peer pressure tactic. But it's true. We all know someone who either uses and/or sells essential oils. We all know that one granola chick who was born in the wrong era because she smells like incense and she wears peace signs on tie dye shirts. But the truth is, LOTS of people are doing it because of reasons 1-4 listed above. So yes, if you want to be like everyone else, then you can do it because of number 5. If that many people use and love oils, then there MUST be something to it! P.S. Many awesome celebs are proud supporters of Young Living oils if you're into that sort of hoopla. 

So there you are peeps. There's five, simple reasons why you need these little bottles in your life. It doesn't take much and it doesn't take much to understand. Our team is equipped to show you, train you and make you feel confident when using your oils! 

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Have a beautiful, oily day!