Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for a Clean Home

One of the beauties of essential oils is the aromas you can find or create within your home. Before you look at all of your candles around the house and think about how that's what candles are for, did you know that burning a candle for an hour is the about the same as smoking a cigarette for an hour in terms of toxins and chemicals? Yea, let's toss the candles please. *Sidenote, grab yourself a beeswax or soy candle scented with essential oils and you're good to go! 

So today I am sharing the recipes that I love to diffuse either when I'm doing tons of house work, when I know company is coming over or when my home doesn't appear to be clean and tidy, but I want it to be! These are some of my favorite blends in the diffuser and you can always adjust them accordingly. 

 Many of these oils come in the starter kit. Grab your starter kit today and begin your journey to wellness and chemical free living. Nix the candles, and grab the oils. Make your home smell fresh and clean while also enjoying the therapeutic properties of these amazing oils. 

When it's witching hour in our home, there's always a calming oil such as Citrus Fresh or Tangerine in the diffuser. When it's getting close to bedtime, there's something like Gentle Baby or Peach and Calming. When it's morning time, peppermint and lemon. The options are endless and there's an oil for everyone and for everything!

But below, you can find some of my favorite home diffuser blends! 

Essential Oils for a Fresh Smell

Recipe: 5 Drops Tangerine, 5 Drops Citrus Fresh

*Tangerine is part of Citrus Fresh, but I still add more

Essential Oils for a Clean Home

Recipe: 6 Drops Purification, 4 Drops Lemon

Essential Oils for the Home

Recipe: 6 Drops Ylang, Ylang, 3 Drops Tangerine


Recipe: Lemongrass 5 drops, Lemon 4 drops

What are some of your favorite blends? Drop them below because I'd love to give them a try. 

Have oily questions, send me an email at or drop a comment below! I can't wait to chat with you!! 

Sending lots of oily love,