My Maternity Go To Fashion

So let's get real maternity wardrobe isn't as glamorous as this appears. Most days it's a maternity tee and some stretchy pants or shorts. Basically if you catch me at home or out running errands -- I probably look a hot mess. 


On occasion I do dress up and when I do, I love to stick to certain elements during pregnancy. My best friends for pregnancy are maxi dresses/skirts and flowy, gaucho style pants (or I just call them hippie pants) and for baby number 3 it was most definitely-- LEGGINGS with TUNICS. Can I get all of the praise hands on that one?

 I love a good fitted tee or or blouse to accent the bump, but I love a good flow to um...not accent my bottom half! But if I did wear leggings, which was a TON this pregnancy, I tried to stick with tunics and longer shirts to hide the rear (I'm a firm believer that's how leggings should be worn anyway). 

Maternity clothes shopping can be fun for some and not so fun for others. For my first born I was ecstatic to hit up the local Target and Destination Maternity to grab some things! I wasn't looking to spend a ton of money and I just wanted cute and practical things. Shopping online seemed crazy because I neeeedded to try it on and then higher priced boutiques just really aren't my thing; so I stuck to the common places. 

For baby number two I hardly purchased much because all of my pregnancies have been through the exact same seasons, so I was good with what I had. Then baby number three came along and I developed a slightly different mindset -- buy all of the things that I can wear now AND later. In other words, if it was a flowy top from say Gap, I could wear it for about six months of my pregnancy (and did) and then still have cute, new tops after the pregnancy. Same goes for leggings! I did this a bit in the beginning and tried to be functional. It worked great until the pounds packed on towards the end and I had to buy a few new maternity things or resort to my maternity wardrobe from the past. 

But let's talk about my maternity pictures for a second. I decided to try something new -- I shopped with Pinkblush maternity and ordered some things (not all pictured here) and LOVED it. I absolutely loved it and it all fit perfectly! Sure I would have loved to have tried the pieces on beforehand, but I didn't have to return anything and it all fit great. 

I was so pleased with my Pinkblush experience that I can't wait to shop there again. And no, this isn't a sponsored post. My first order included the gray cowl neck dress pictured here, a nursing/maternity maxi dress, a nursing/maternity wrap dress (featured soon) and a beautiful robe that I have been loving postpartum. Both the robe and cowl neck dress were on sale so in the end, my purchase was amazing cost wise. 

My other tip for this past pregnancy was to piece together old things and reuse them in new ways. That denim vest pictured below was a denim jacket from my sophomore year in high school that I just cut the sleeves off of! In other words, it's crazy old. But it's cute and I love it as an accent. 

Have fun accenting your bump. Dress it up or dress it down and stay comfy. Either way, embrace the bump and don't sweat the body changes. You'll never have an excuse to eat so much ever again. ;) 

My Maternity Fashion Tips:

  • Leggings with Tunics
  • Maxi Dresses
  • Maxi Skirts
  • Gaucho Style Pants (frequently found at Target)
  • Tight shirts for a bump accent but long enough to cover the bum
  • Reuse old pieces for accents
  • Accent with statement necklaces that don't interfere with the bump too much
  • Tie wrap dresses
  • Purchase dresses with nursing friendly tops to use postpartum in those early weeks (Pinkblush Maternity is great for this)
  • Purchase non maternity tops that are flowy and large enough to accommodate you for a few months and then you can still have postpartum

Sources: white maxi skirt Motherhood // Feather necklace Plunder // Girl's dresses Old Navy // Men's shirt Express // Cowl neck dress Pinkblush // Blue statement necklace Virgo Boutique // Pink shoes Qupid 

What are some of your favorite maternity must haves or fashion tips? Drop a comment below!