I Just Got My Starter Kit, Now What?

Getting your starter kit in can be life changing for many. I received my starter kit three years ago and it has been changing my life ever since and now in more ways than I knew possible. 

The key to becoming familiar with your oils is to USE THEM. It sounds simple enough, right? But no really. You have to use them. You have to create routines with them. You have to mindfully use them for therapeutic benefits that you wish to receive.

What do I mean by that? 

When you're ready for bed, diffuse a calming oil and add oils like Lavender and Stress Away to the bottoms of your feet. When you wake up, diffuse Peppermint for a wake me up. When you clean add Thieves to your mop water or Lemon to your homemade cleaning products. When you moisturize, add Frankincense. When you're feeling anxious try adding Frankincense to your wrists and back of spine and so on and so on. 

Be mindful of using them each and every day, for each and every thing. You'll eventually create your own powerful testimony of how they have changed your life. 

And what if that testimony was shared and shared with others? You'd begin changing lives too all while building a future for yourself and your family. What if you were able to help someone overcome emotional issues or sleep issues? Or help someone kick toxic cleaning products form their home simply because you shared a post about Young Living? Imagine the joy within your heart you'd feel. 

But first, first, you've began a journey like no other. The chemical free journey is one to be proud of. Any change you make within your lifestyle is a good change. It's a slow process that usually can't be done all at once. So my now fellow oiler, congratulations to you on beginning your journey. Use our resources and supports groups to guide you through. And use the challenge found below to help you begin familiarizing yourself with oils. They are more than just little bottles that smells good! 

So don't be afraid about that big box that just came in the mail. That box is a journey that lies ahead. Enjoy the journey. 

I hope it's a good one. 

And you can join my journey by visiting the essential oils tab.  

Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit