Grow Your Own Tabletop Garden With Organiponic

Indoor Garden

I don't know about you, but I dream of having my own garden one day. I dream of growing my own produce that I know exactly what was used on it and can feel so confident in the safety of my food. 

But if you're like me, sometimes a garden isn't always an option just yet. I long for the days of when our house is built and we have our nine acres to do whatever with! So yes, one day I dream of my garden. Until then though, it is amazing to see that there ARE options out there for people to grow their own produce without the typical garden. Even if you have the yard but maybe not ideal weather conditions or perhaps you're just not an outdoorsy type of mama - there are ways to have an amazing indoor garden! 

Let's take a peek today at the amazingly innovative Organiponic. I am seriously in love with the idea and practicality of this thing! Like, can every kitchen just come equipped with one? Organiponic is basically your own table top garden or wall garden that is not only practical but visually appealing for the modern home. I personally think it is stunning to look at!

What's is Organiponic's mission? "We aim to promote clean, sustainable, better-quality eating by providing people the opportunity to grow greens and herbs in their homes year-round. Like the microwave and the coffee maker, we believe our home-grow system will soon become an integral part of kitchens across the country."

In 2015, organic food sales reached an all-time high of $43.3 billion. Consumers want that farm to table experience with healthy food that they can trust and feel confident eating. Now with in home grow systems such as Organiponic, farm and table can be one and the same. In the next 5-8 years research estimates that 20 million people in the U.S. will begin using in home grow systems without the need of backyard gardens or ideal weather conditions. 


How does it work? 

Organicponic is a system that can be purchased as a wall unit garden appliance (12 plants), a counter top unit (16 plants) or a tabletop unit (24 plants). The system is designed for anyone to be able to grow their own produce or herbs, however a little gardening knowledge may be helpful (but not required)! Once you place your order for your appliance, a starter kit is sent your way for you to begin growing seedlings in small trays and then a week later your appliance arrives and your seedlings can be transferred and are ready to GROW. You don't need soil for this and you're not using as much water as you'd think! Hydroponics gardening seems to be where it's at, people...less mess, less fuss! 

The systems use hydroponic methods, therefore no soil (or dirt, i.e. mess). The seeds/seedlings grow in a substrate or medium plug which is included in the grow kit. The medium we use will be environmentally safe - made with peat moss and coconut husks/shells.

Good lighting is a must have and if your home doesn't have enough good, natural light, Organiponic even has options for lighting to purchase along with your appliance. There is even a handy app to help you track growth and reorder seeds as soon as you need to. You can even track the savings you'll acquire by simply growing your own produce rather than purchasing it on your own at the store. 

That's it people. A little nurturing of some baby seeds and a 5 minute setup in your unit once it arrives and you're good to GROW! Within 3-4 weeks you'll actually be able to pick your own fresh and healthy produce from your system. Seriously, it's amazing! 

Tabletop Garden
Here is the amazing countertop unit! 

Here is the amazing countertop unit! 


What can you grow? 

Currently with this system you can grow a variety of lettuces, kale, spinach, arugula, chard, mini cabbages, strawberries, mini tomatoes, certain flowers and a large variety of herbs. 

So many amazing benefits of the Organiponic System

Indoor Gardening

If you want to know more about having your own Organiponic or perhaps you still have some questions about this system check out their website here or their Start Engine campaign. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

I hope to one day have a system like this AND an outdoor garden as well. Growing your own produce has to be one of the most fulfilling things to know you are saving money, saving resources AND most of all, saving yourself from toxic chemicals and more. 

This is a sponsored post pertaining facts and research from Organiponic as well as my own thoughts and opinions on this innovative product. All opinions and thoughts are honest and solely my own.