5 Natural Teething Remedies

natural teething remedies

My girl is 7 months old, and teething is in full force- drooling, chewing on hands, and putting everything in her mouth! She still has no teeth yet, but I'm hoping the bottom two teeth will pop through any day now. Today I'm going to share with you some natural teething remedies that have worked for us.

1. Amber necklace: Some people are skeptical that these work, and some swear by them. I'd say I'm in the middle. My baby had 2 really bad days of teething before we put one on her a couple months ago, and she hasn't had any days like that since. I thought that could have been by chance, but then for a few days I forgot to put the necklace and she was significantly drooling way more than usual and her gums were hurting her. Put it back on her and she was a lot better! 

2. Cold fruit: I like to put some cold fruit in a mesh feeder for her to eat. The coldness feels good on her gums, plus she loves that she can feed herself easily. And for for babies WITHOUT teeth, you can let them suck/knaw on an apple slice. 

We love these from Marley's Monsters! Handmade in the USA and sold  here . 

We love these from Marley's Monsters! Handmade in the USA and sold here

*Mom Hack* Babies LOVE to throw and drop things on the floor, so to prevent them from throwing the mesh feeder by using the little toy rings to connect it to the high chair.

3. Balm Baby Natural Teething rub: Just rub a couple drops on baby's gums and it works instantly. I tried it on myself to see how it works.  It doesn't numb the gums, it just puts kind of a slight cooling, calming sensation on them. We purchased ours straight from The Mushy Mommy

4. Teething Bead Pacifier Clip: I feel like these actually work better for my girl over a traditional teething toy. They're easy for her to hold and they're attached to her, so they're available for her to use whenever she needs to chew on them. I like that when we go places, she automatically has a toy/teether attached to her, and I don't have to worry about her dropping it on the ground. I actually ended up ordering one because I noticed she was always chewing on her regular (ribbon) pacifier clip. If your baby doesn't take a pacifier, you can always use the clip for a teething ring instead. The Mushy Mommy does have some amazing bamboo rings attached on a clip which is a similar item as well as other natural teethers in store. 

5. A Good Ole' Washcloth: I figured this trick out when my little one started taking her washcloth from me in the bath and sucking on it. Just wet a washcloth and put it in the freezer for a few minutes or the refrigerator for a while. Then, give it to them to suck and chew on. If you're looking for cute prints, check these out for some hip and fun prints

What teething remedies have helped your household from teething tears?


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