Why I am Crunchy

Why I am Crunchy

I think it is pretty fair to say that our generation of mothers has three good categories: the ones who could care a less about being crunchy, the in-between-kinda sorta crunchy and the I'm always trying to be as crunchy as possible

Oh wait, are you unsure what the term crunchy means? Well it means, granola, earthy, natural, organic, different, real... It's those moms screaming breastfeeding rights and sipping on almond milk chia smoothies while using non toxic products. 

Okay, so sort of. 

So who are you and why does it matter? 

I'm hear today to tell you why I AM who I am. Why I fall in more so into that category of always trying to be as crunchy as possible, or in other words, always looking to live as naturally as possible. 

I'm not living my life this way to prove a point. I'm not better than you and I'm not trying to even pretend that I am. However, I may be trying to make a statement but only for a cause that I believe in - GOOD HEALTH. 

You see, I believe in living the way I do because well, I want to live a long time. Of course that may mean nothing to you if you don't occasionally read the current research on foods, chemicals and what not. And of course it means absolutely nothing if you don't "buy that garbage" and that's totally cool too. To each their own. 

But let's think about something -- 15 years ago the term organic in the food industry was pretty unheard of. You didn't walk into the local grocery store and have organic, gluten free or vegan options like you do now. You didn't have skin care products with "natural" ingredients and you didn't really have restaurants with paleo options and dairy free cakes. 


Because research is continually evolving and studies are continuously done that are repeatedly proving and showing just how harmful SO many of our products and foods are here in the US. Unfortunately unlike so many other countries, our government doesn't really care so much about us to govern and monitor the toxins we are exposed to. Don't believe me? Well then explain why only four ingredients are banned in US cosmetics but there are well over 1,000 banned in Europe. #mindblown

So next time you see someone sharing their post about healthy sunscreen for their children, almond milk smoothies for the family or sharing the latest place to find inexpensive organic produce, don't judge them. They are not trying to outdo you. They are not trying to say, "Look at me, I'm a good mom." 

They are just joining the uprising of people who want to take control of their health. They are part of the revolution to bring us back to a time where we are not so processed and tainted. They are trying to make a healthier future for their family and planet and in the process, they are hoping to possibly enlighten others. 

So if you ever wondered why there's so many of us now and why you can't escape the occasional Facebook post about toxic sunscreens, then now you know. And let me also add that many (myself included) do NOT claim to be perfect. Catch me at Target one day and you're bound to find a few processed items that shouldn't be in my cart. And yes, we are fully aware that even the air we breathe can be toxic, BUT the air within our homes should not have to be (FACT: the air inside of a home is more toxic than the air outside). 

(And side note, there are some crunchy mamas out there who think they are better than others, but there's mamas like that no matter what category they are in)

So there you have it. Yes, I am a crunchy mom who does like to buy all organic foods and who cloth diapers and is pro breastfeeding and loves essential oils, blah blah blah. But I am just a mama who is trying to live a long life for myself and mostly for my children. I'm a mama whose deathly afraid of the term cancer (a term that pops up frequently in my family) and who believes we can change our lives by changing our ways. I believe that medicine doesn't only heal but that food and lifestyles can as well. I'm a mama who loves to research, who loves the latest facts and you loves to share a wealth of knowledge with those I love - YOU. 

But at the end of the day, I'm just a mama like you. I love and care for my children just as much as you. You and I are equal, no one is greater. We're just doing this thing called life as best as we can. If being crunchy or natural isn't for you, then that's totally okay, it doesn't mean that we don't have a lot of other awesome things in common too. 

So whichever category that you fit into, I hope that we can still be friends. And perhaps we can teach each other a thing or two. We can learn from each other and we can bond over the mishaps and joys of motherhood. 

That's what the sisterhood of motherhood is for. (I think that's a thing, right?)