Why You Should Totally Cloth Diaper

Reasons to Cloth Diaper


1. Because they are, um, like seriously cute. If you haven't noticed by now, cloth diapers are seriously one of the cutest baby items out there. Companies release new prints sometimes monthly and crazy cloth moms spend all of their "me" money on buying diapers for their kids to crap in. But they are so cute, it makes it totally worth it. 

2. Oh yea, they save money. Okay, so maybe we should have started with this because it turns out that this is the biggest reason to cloth diaper. On average it costs around 2k to diaper a child in disposables until the age of two. That's a lot of freaking money that you literally just throw away. Literally. Your money literally gets shit on. And if you're lucky enough like I am, your child still won't be potty trained by the age of three (no matter how many effing m&ms you bribe them with). Cloth diapers on average cost anywhere around $300-500 for a complete stash; with things like brands, styles and quantity effecting your the amount you will spend. There is even a way to diaper a baby from birth to potty training for around $100! Take that Pampers! 

3. You get your money back on them! This is huge and goes along with number two. When you are done with your cloth diapers, if they are still in good condition (and you'll be surprised that they will be despite all of the crap they went through - ha) you can resell them for about half of their retail value. And if you have limited edition prints and what not, you can actually sometimes sell them for more than you even paid for them! That's how CRAZY the cloth diaper world is. Who would have thought?

4. You'll finally be able to say you collect things for a hobby. If you don't get this, you will. Cloth diapers are addicting so you may as well say you're an "avid collector" because then you at least sound a little more interesting. 

5. They are healthier. Who would have thought that disposables can actually be kinda toxic and stuff? I mean diaper rashes don't come from the diaper themselves do they?! Well it turns out that many disposables are full of carcinogens, allergens and many other "ens" out there that can harm your sweet babe's bum. And it can totally be the cause of that rash that won't disappear! Go cloth and save a bum!

6. They are eco friendly (and now your little hippie heart dances). Disposables sit in landfills for no kidding, like a thousand years or something. That's a lot of piled up crap that can totally be avoided. Flush your baby's poop in the potty and wash your diaper out. You know, that diaper you get to resell later on rather than send to a landfill. 

7. They make your kid cooler. I mean everyone knows this! Okay, okay before you hate me, I'm just joking and threw that one in there for good measure. 

8. You become a member of the secret world of freaking awesome cloth diaper moms. Most people don't realize just how many moms actually cloth diaper. It's insane how many people do it and it's actually a growing trend. There's Facebook groups and hashtags on Instagram that create a community of awesome. You will become freaking awesome when you start cloth diapering and you'll have tons of crazy, awesome new people to chit chat with about fluff and poop stains. #lifegoals

So there you have it, the basic reasons why you should totally consider cloth diapering your baby. If this post didn't persuade you, then I'm not sure what will other than walking into a cloth diaper store and browsing the diapers and feeling how cuddly, soft they are. OR you can totally browse our website for some of the best and top quality diaper brands out there.

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