Real Mom Advice, About Real Mom Crap

Real Mom Advice

You don't need that much crap for your baby. Seriously, they try to lure you in at the registry place by giving you a handy "checklist" and it all looks so enticing. You're running through the store with that scanner zapping every thing that you think your little person will need...times three. But by the time child number two comes along, you realize that you really don't need half of it and when you have more than one child, you hardly have room for anything extra in your house. So why add 10 baby contraptions to it?

Everyone is a baby wizard. Just wait until the day you have that baby and you'll see what I mean. Everyone will flood you with unsolicited advice and there's a good chance you may get flustered, annoyed and sometimes very confused and angry. Other times you will be grateful for it. Remember though, just because someone successfully kept their kid alive, doesn't mean they did it the right way or in a way in which you must follow. To each their own...

But you will sometimes want advice. Don't think you're going to just do this all on your own. Whether it's your mom, a support group, blogs like mine or Google, there are times where you'll be in search of advice. Mommy groups on Facebook are the shiz nit - they can get a little catty but it's totally worth it! 

Times change. Things can change, research can change and new information can be discovered. It's up to you to decide which advice to follow. 

Breast is normal, eating is best. We all hear the phrase "breast is best," and yea technically it is...but really you just have to do what works for you. I encourage each and every mama to breastfeed, but never beat yourself up or take crap from anyone for opting out. 

Breastfeeding Sucks. At first. Your baby latches on beautifully after birth and you're all "high on Oxytocin" and thinking that breastfeeding is pretty dang amazing and beautiful and all unicorns and shit. Fast forward to week three and you're wanting to cut your boobs off to hand to your partner to let him feed the baby. Sigh. 

But really dude, breastfeeding is pretty freaking amazing. Just make it past those first six weeks and you'll see what I mean. 

Classic toys are the best. Classic, wooden or soft toys with endless opportunities will occupy your child much longer than a blinking toy. Besides, you don't have to change the batteries on wooden or soft things and they won't creep you out at night when they randomly start singing. 

Sleep Regressions Suck. Sleep regressions are real people. Your grandma or mother may look at you funny when you talk about them, but get in a chat group with hundreds of mamas and you'll discover that over half of you experienced something called a four month sleep regression. In a nutshell, it's when your sweet angel who "Oh my gosh they sleep so good, I'm so lucky" baby decides to wake up every hour...just to ya know...say "Hey Mom." 

Don't brag about your sleeping baby. For starters, it makes the tired mamas kinda irked. Secondly, there's a really good chance your day is coming too my friend. See the point above. 

Starbucks becomes your best friend. Whether it is because you need the caffeine boost or just the "I feel like a hip adult again" you'll treasure any stop at Starbucks. Just don't expect to go in's all about the drive thru now Mama. 

Diaper changes aren't fun. Seriously just wait until they learn to roll and you'll know exactly what it feels like to change the tire on a rolling car. P.S. Changing pads on top of a fancy dresser last for about 8 weeks. 

Mom wars can be real. They can be real sometimes, so just bow down and stay out of it. The best thing you can ever tell another Mama is that they're doing a great job. It's something that every mom needs to here and it means a lot when it comes from our "peers" in motherhood. 

You'll sleep again. One day. It may not be until they are in elementary school. But hey, you'll get there. 

Less is more. Whether it's about baby stuff, toys, clothes or media...less is always more. When you feel cluttered, overwhelmed or you feel like your house looks like Toys R' Us threw up inside your living room, remember that it's okay to purge. It's a really great thing actually! 

They will get over "bad" habits. So your child may sleep with you or your child may need to be rocked every night to sleep. Don't let someone tell you that "they'll never grow out of that," because I promise you...they will. I've never heard of a highschooler sleeping with their mom. 

Everyone parents differently and that's okay. So you don't want to spank your child but everyone you know does. So you don't want to give your kids sugar. Or so organic means nothing to you. Or you move your baby to their crib at two weeks old or you co sleep until kindergarten. Each parent has their own way and own beliefs. We can only rely on parenting books, advice and research for so much...after that, you do you Mama.