You're Already Fabulous Mama (Thoughts on the New Year)

Just keeping it real. 

Just keeping it real. 

Is it just me, or is the new year sometimes a lot of pressure? Like all of a sudden I'm supposed to have a list of all these goals and things I hope to achieve in the new year. Suddenly I am suppose to put away the Oreos and grab some kale like it's the best thing ever. And those five pounds we've all been holding onto so dearly are suddenly just supposed to fall off like nobody's business. And of course, we are all suddenly suppose to be gym rat mamas who cook from scratch and have Pinterest worthy homes - that's the goals right? 

That's a lot for one year, geesh. 

I'm just like everyone else though. I dream of business goals, health goals and motherhood goals for wanting to start the New Year off with. I am usually a few days late setting these goals, but typically I'll come up with them at some point or another (try February). 

This new year that is fast approaching, like two days away, has me all blah. Why can't I just be okay with how things are going now? Why do I have to try and better myself health wise or better myself as a mother? It's such a headache to think about. 

But truth be told, as a business owner, a wife and a mama, I am over here throwing out 50 goals and then telling myself, I'll write them down later and commit later. I'm over here eating all the Oreos and telling myself I won't buy them next week at the grocery store, even though I know damn well that I probably will. 

I think about myself as a mama and the things that I want to improve on. Perhaps I'll try to bake more from scratch, or perhaps I'll learn some new, fancy crockpot recipes or I'll become one of those mamas who has the energy (and patience) to do a daily craft with my kids. Perhaps I'll read my bible more. Perhaps I'll keep the laundry up better. And geez, perhaps I'll learn to spend less every time I walk into the grocery store (in other words, Target). Perhaps I'll reach my ideal level of "crunchy." Perhaps my business will zoom through the roof. 

See, that above paragraph is already overwhelming and very pressuring. 

So this is what I say.

Find the balance and ease into it.

Find the things that matter the most and make that work for you. Let's try not to transform or make ourselves over into something that is too tiresome, or something that just isn't us. If you're kids made it out like a champ, had meals to eat, lots of hugs and kisses, and clean diapers in 2016, then I'd say you did a good job. 

So for 2017, just try to find the balance. I'm always for bettering yourself and your health, but hey, don't fret while trying to do it. Start with small goals and if you feel the need to write them down, then do it. But don't get crazy. There's always room for improvement in all of us no doubt, but ease up on the pressure to be perfect (let me reread that sentence for myself again). 

You're already fabulous Mama, and a New Year doesn't have to prove that. 

Here's to hoping you have a fabulous 2017 with those you love and that your mama game is on point even more than you ever dreamed it could be! 

Here's to welcoming our first BOY in 2017! OH MY WORD. :) 

Here's to welcoming our first BOY in 2017! OH MY WORD. :)