Mother & Baby Essentials for the First Few Weeks

There are so many things that we think we need to survive parenthood. There's a kazillion and one baby products that we register for and there's only like five contraptions around your house to sit baby in. You know, bassinets, bouncers, swings, Bumbos, Rock n Plays and much more. There's so much to do in preparation for having a baby and coming home with a baby, that we always want to make sure we have things just perfect.

But do we really need it all?

Especially in those first few weeks?

Now that I've come home with my second newborn, I've decided to put together the most basic list of mother and baby items that are essentially needed, at least for me. We are all different but I am sure most of these items can be the same for many new (and veteran) mamas.

Yes, we need diapers and wipes. Yes, I use a bassinet every night and my newborn chills in a bouncer every day. And of course, she is sleeping in cute little pajamas and wearing onesies and socks during the day.

But those items are the obvious items that we know we need.

So what are the items that I, as a breastfeeding mother, feel are essential for myself and my newborn? 

1. Nursing Pads.

I love washable nursing pads because it cuts down on cost, waste and it is much more practical. If you don't want washable one, you will need some disposable ones. 

2. Nipple Cream.

Ah, where would a breastfeeding mother be without nipple cream? I'll be honest with you, after a few weeks or so I start slacking on using it and then eventually I just don't need it that much. I will say that I wish so badly I had thought to take it out of my hospital bag on that first day because I did end up with sore, cracked nipples. This Motherlove nipple cream is amazing and is by far my favorite that I've tried.

3. Nursing Tanks.

Yes please and thank you. I own 14 nursing tops. In fact during the first few weeks I stay in them all day and night sans bra and just slip my nursing pads in the shelf bra provided in the tank.

4. Sitz Bath Spray.

First off, soaking in the tub is crucial for me. I love it for recovery and unfortunately when you come home with your second baby, it's harder to find time for those baths. This spray is wonderful to spray on your you-know-what to help relieve sore perineal muscles.

5. Baby Wrap.

This is crucial for your second baby. It is not as much of a necessity with your first (not for the first few weeks anyway); but it's a wonderful way to get in some extra bonding while having your hands free! 

6. Pads!

Oh give me all the pads. Overnights, Maxis with wings, ultra thins and more. I want them all.

7. Muslin Swaddle Blankets.

I love these for the car seat, the bouncer, spit up and more. They are light and breathable and great for swaddling as well. We love our Aden and Anais ones or Modern Burlap ones!

8. Nursing Pillow.

Not every breastfeeding mama uses one, especially with the second baby. However I find with a newborn that it is still so helpful! I love the extra support and so does baby.

9. Velcro Swaddlers.

I suck at swaddling - like legit suck at it. Once we came home from the hospital I quickly pulled out our velcro swaddlers and night time feedings got much easier since I wasn't trying to roll up a burrito!

What are some of your postpartum and newborn essentials?