Weekly Update: 23 Weeks

How far along? 

23 weeks,  4 days

Baby Size: 

A Large Mango. However our 20 week ultrasound showed

that we're measuring ahead and had a healthy little baby. 

So there's a good chance she's bigger 

and possibly due sooner.

Total weight gain: 

Exact amount unknown, but roughly 13lbs

Maternity clothes?

 Finally bought a few new pieces (lazy mama clothes, but cute) to add to my 

maternity collection. Mostly I stay in yoga pants and maternity or pre-maternity shirts that still fit. 

Stretch marks?

 None yet and I really hope it stays that way! 


Much better but still with 1-2 pee pee trips. 

Best moment this week:

Remembering to do this update! And getting in some 

new organic Aden and Anais swaddle blankets! 

Miss Anything?

Not at the moment...


 Tons and tons! Some movements seem so different than the first pregnancy. 

Like there's a giant alien rolling around in there :)

Food cravings:

 Typically the same but I really want some boiled crawfish SO bad. 

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Still getting sick around 1-2 times a week, but it's SO much better. 


Sweet little girl!!!! 


 Feeling like an oompa loompa. 

What's different this go around?

Chasing after a toddler, not being able to just chill on the sofa and  

having a toddler climb all over me. :)

Belly Button in or out?

Almost out, but hasn't changed much in the last several weeks. 

Wedding rings on or off?



Pretty jolly at this moment! And anxious...very anxious to have a baby! 


Pretty much complete, next up is just purchasing the few 


 we need. 

Thinking about double strollers, another monitor, swaddles, newborn diapers, glass bottles

and some other cute little things. 

Looking forward to:

Next week's appointment; hopefully passing my gluclose test in about five weeks; and of course having this sweet baby. 

Everyone seems to be delivering their sweet little ones 

and I can't wait for our turn! 

I'm getting anxious for this birth again like last time. The many "what ifs" that could 

interfere with my birth plan leave me anxious to give birth already so we can 

experience the same wonderful experience as we did with Little Bug. And to know that she's healthy! I'm so anxious 

to meet this little girl and do this mommy thing all over again while continuing to watch 

her big sister grow up. I'm anxious for more cuddles, to nurse another sweet baby, 

and to feel the unconditional love again for another sweet child of ours. 

Ahhh...is it June yet?